Big Sale – New Fiber Flair

It’s the middle of November, so you all likely know that it’s the time of year for our annual BIG SALE. Amongst all of the yearly deals and sales (can you say Complete Yarnline Packs for 30% off?!), this time of year we also come out with a whole new range of our exclusively designed Knit Picks goodies.

We have profusion of prodigiously talented visual virtuosos around the office (me *not* included) and this is one of the few times of year they have pretty free reign to indulge in all of their cutest, snarkiest, cleverest inspirations. They pitch their wildest ideas and the rest of us gush, critique, argue, and cull (things I *am* good at) until we bring to you only the cream of the crop. It’s like Thunderdome, but for cuteness. (Two floofs enter, one floof leaves.)

In addition to the most adorable designs you’re likely to see this side of Equestria, we’ve brought in a few entirely new items and added some improvements to existing offerings. And all of these are 25% off for the duration of the Big Sale (through Monday, November 20th).

Tote Bags – New Magnetic Clasp

High Fiber Diet, All You Knit is Love, and PHD tote bags

Our tote bags are as great as ever, with the usual dense, sturdy, ecological-conscientious recycled cotton. If you’ve ever bought one from us before, you know how generously sized they are, with a handy 5” pocket inside to keep small tools from getting lost in those voluminous depths. New to this particular batch, we’ve added a simple but incredibly useful magnetic snap that provides a touch extra to keep your valuable yarn secure. (Alpaca/wordplay lovers should be sure to check out the Alpaca My Bag tote.)

Enamel Pins – Rubber Backs and Glitter

Department of Toasty Toes, Yarn Kitty, Happiness is Handmade,
Coffee. Knit., and Sparkles the Unicorn enamel pins

You can make anything smaller and it becomes more adorable, so it’s no suprise you can exponentially explode cute-quotients with enamel pins. All of our pins are made from fine brass with super durable hard enamel powder cloisonné, i.e. drop them on the ground or throw them in your junk drawer and they’ll be fine. This newest round of pins also includes hard rubber backs instead of metal clasp backs. They’re softer, hold the pin just as well, and will never bend out of shape; short of melting them down, they’ll hold up at least as long as your pin.

Also, Sparkles the Unicorn *literally* sparkles. It’s all the fun of glitter with none of the mess.

Key Chains – ALL NEW

Happiness is Handmade, Kitty Yarn Ball, and Sparkles the Unicorn key chains

Absolutely brand new to Knit Picks, a select few of our new designs are available as key chains. They’re basically the same as our enamel pins, but bigger and with a ring to garnish your keys. Though I’ve never been one for key bling, my keys have been enjoying the company of one of the first Kitty Yarn Ball samples. After a good amount of time being jostled around in my pocket (and dropped on the ground and thrown across the parking lot. . .), it’s come out with only a few scuffs, looking as good as the day it arrived.

Iron-on Patches – ALL NEW

Happiness is Handmade, Carpe Filum, PHD iron-on patches

Also new to the line up is a small selection of patches. Since they’ll attach to most fabrics, you can embellish all the things. Jackets. Bags. Pants. Curtains. Tablecloths. Sofa covers.

Project Bags and Mugs

Happiness is Handmade, Sparkles the Unicorn, All You Knit Is Love, High Fiber Diet, and Department of Toasty Toes mugs

We hope you’re as pleased with our usual project bags and mugs as we are. Sporting a bevy of all new designs, these are the same organic cotton drawstring bags and dishwasher/microwave safe ceramic mugs we’ve proudly carried for a while now.

Helping to design, choose, and release the new merch is always one of the more fun processes to be involved in here. If just one of them speaks to you enough for you to make it a part of your life, that’s success as far as we’re concerned. Grab your favorite new designs (or that old one you’ve been eyeing and debating and denying your yearning for) through November 20th for 25% off.

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  1. Emily Victoria / November 17, 2017

    Everything is just too cute!