Best New Knitting Tools

Having the best tools helps to make for the best knitting experience, and this year we worked to expand our selection of storage, knitting needles, and more! Whether it’s creating the perfect bag for colorwork, expanding our square needle selection, adding new limited edition sets with matching clutches, or perfecting stainless steel knitting needles, we’re always adding new options to make knitting even more fun.

Foursquare Sunstruck Options IC Needle Set

Sunstruck is one of our most popular styles of laminated birch needles, thanks to its light wood stain making it easy to clearly see stitches, and we made our selection of Sunstruck needles even better by combining a popular color with a popular style: Foursquares! These square interchangeable knitting needles have smooth, flat sides that fit perfectly against your fingers, and gently rounded corners offer a comfortable, secure grip. Their unique shape encourages good hand posture, which can minimize the stress on knitters’ hands and help create more consistently even stitches.

Knit Picks Colorwork Snap Bag

Organize up to 8 yarns to knit intarsia or stranded color-work without tangles! Snaps at the top of the bag act as dividers to separate the strands while also allowing easy access to the yarns inside to add or remove colors. The Colorwork Snap Bag can also be used as an extra-large project bag and fits in the Everyday Tote bag to help corral yarn. Measuring 13.5” wide and 9” deep, it can hold a sweater project or other larger projects if not used for color organization.

Reflections Options IC Needle Set

Our Reflections stainless steel needles are slick, sleek, and surprisingly lightweight. Reflections needles have 100% stainless steel needle tips with hollow construction that warms slightly without getting hot, and we didn’t stop there with the steel! The threaded cable joins are also 100% stainless steel and attached to nylon-coated steel cord cables, making this the ideal Options IC set for metal needle lovers. And as always, Reflections stainless steel needles are designed with the same smooth joins and perfect points you’ve come to expect from Knit Picks needles.

Pine Wood Yarn Spindle

Keep your yarn clean and tidy with this solid pine spindle! Your yarn cakes will fit snugly on the spike as the lazy Susan base keeps your fibers flowing smoothly. Simply skewer a donut skein or cake and work from the outer yarn. The spindle will smoothly turn on its base, neatly releasing yarn as you knit. In addition to working well with a single yarn, it holds two 100gm cakes stacked with ease, perfect for knitting projects with yarns held double without tangling.

Clark IC Needle Clutch Set

Limited Edition! The Clark colorway is an homage to the film star that was crowned the “King of Hollywood.” We know you will crown this selection of dark-gray stained wood needle tips the king of your needle collection as you work up your own masterpieces to share and delight. Featuring smooth joins, perfectly tapered tips, and flexible cables, this set includes nine of our bestselling needle tip sizes and seven sizes of cables—all of which are stored in a gorgeous coordinating clutch.


  1. Deb Van Iderstine / February 6, 2024 / Reply

    I recently indulged in a set of the “Claudette” needles, taking advantage of last week’s 30% off. (As I mostly am drawn to darker colored yarn, the lighter colored needles show up better in my work.) I love the feel of wood needles, and yours have sharper tips than the other brand I’ve used. The great advantage offered by both the Clark and Claudette collections, as well as the Mosaic collection, is the ease of distinguishing between similarly sized needles because of the color differentiation.

  2. Debra / January 4, 2024 / Reply

    That’s a great idea! It’s the only reason I buy another brand instead of these…for the sharper tips! If they d I d that, I’d buy them too!

  3. Vivian Gifford / December 30, 2023 / Reply

    I love your needles and yarn. I was wondering if you could make a stainless steel needle with longer and slightly sharper tips for those of us who do most of our work on the tips?