Belinda Shawl ready just in time for the wedding!

This is the photo from Mason Dixon Knitting: Outside The Lines. You can
see how the pattern caught my attention. The shawl is actually very easy
to knit and it worked up relatively quickly.

I couldn’t have cut it much closer. I finished the shawl one week before
Bob’s nephew’s wedding. Thank goodness lace shawls dry quickly. I was
so happy with the results. One of those times when you have wanted to
make something for ages and it turns out even better than expected.

The Tarragon layer of Aloft laying over the Eggplant layer was beautiful with my dress. Of course, I can wear it the other way if I want. I like that the green is my usual comfort color but the purple takes me into a new world of color.

The Eggplant is a warm purple so it still is a good choice. I’ve just never really done purple before.