Back to School Knits – Free Patterns Available Now!

Great news! There’s a new collection of patterns available for children ages 4-12, and they’re free!

55760220 back to school knits-1

It’s no secret that I love knitting for kids. It’s been a passion of mine before I even had kids. I used to knit for every kid I knew. I was browsing patterns one day, and I saw a photo of a child on school picture day, in his favorite handknit sweater. Suddenly, I had an idea to design a few patterns inspired by school motifs: penmanship paper, composition books, and the humble yellow pencil.

55760220 back to school knits-2

These designs, sized for kids ages 4-12, are patterns I would love to see on kids. In fact, I will see them on kids, as mine will be wearing them for many years to come :). I hope you’ll download the free e-book, and make one of these projects for a kid you know. And if you do, I would love to see it!

55760220 back to school knits-4


In the meantime, I’ve been collecting school photos of coworkers around the Knit Picks office. Stay tuned for some throwback fun! Do you have a favorite school photo of yourself from back in the day? What does it look like, and why is it your favorite?

You can download the free “Back to School Knits” e-book right HERE.