Back to school with the Knit Picks Team

In celebration of our new (free!) downloadable e-booklet “Back to School Knits”, I asked the team here at Knit Picks to bring me their favorite school photos. I love school photos – they’re moments that last forever, and don’t the clothes you wear in them just bring you right back to that age? Here we are, in all our glory:


From the top: Jenny, our Marketing Director in her first school photo living in this country!, Alison, our fearless leader, in her favorite apple dress, Kim, our Design Director, whose freckles are killing me, Holly (that’s me!) – Can you tell it was the 80s? I loved Dorothy Hamill and Annie, passionately, Hannah, our Catalog Director – school photos in the Northwest involved flower baskets! and Emily, our Graphic Designer. Those sleeves! Truly, a classic.

We all agreed on 2 things: We all look the same now as we did back in the day. There’s just something in your features that just never changes. It makes me so intrigued as to what my children will look like when they grow up! Also, whether you grew up in the 60s, 70s, 80s, or 90s, the bowl haircut is always in fashion. Always.

Do you have any great stories of school photo day? Do tell in comments!

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  1. miss agnes / August 24, 2015

    My favorite school photo is the last one taken before I started wearing glasses. I had the cutest little grey dress on with a lovely white lace collar. One can see my freckles and my hair is cut super short, legacy of the day my nanny’s daughter decided to play hairdresser with me and cut out all my lovely curls. It took me more than 14 years to get them back, once I was old enough to decide I no longer wanted my hair short. In all the subsequent school photos, I had awful big glasses on (they had no kid size frames at the time it seems) and looked like a nerdy boy. Oh yes, I did have the bowl haircut at one point too.