I’ve decided on my travel project

The Five-Way Cable Shrug is designed by Lily Chin. It is a free pattern!! (it’s also available in her gorgeous book Power Cables.) It is a simple design that is made stunning and practical by strategically placed buttons and crocheted loops. This so completely appeals to my love of useful knit projects. 

Here’s my choosen color:

Wool of the Andes Worsted in Green Tea Heather is a perfect color to go with nearly all of my clothes. Particularly the outfits I’m taking on the trip. And, think about how nice it will be as an airplane blanket once it is finished! And, I can be on the lookout for buttons while we travel on the east coast.

The shrug isn’t the only thing I’m taking to the east coast. I will have
supplies for a couple of pairs of socks for those times when I need
small projects. Lucky for me, most of our time will be spent lounging
around at the concerts at Tanglewood and on the coast after the