Amineko Kitty

I have Jury Duty… for the next 30 DAYS! Once the shock wore off, I started to plan some projects to work on during the down time. I had already been thinking about trying to tackle a crochet toy and the note that I could only bring crochet hooks, not knitting needles past the courthouse security sealed the deal. I hunted through my Ravelry queue for something challenging enough to be interesting but easy enough to learn and remember where I was each time I was called up. I settled on Nekoyama’s Amineko Crocheted Cat, he was just the right size and had such a sweet little face!

He took exactly one ball of Wool of the Andes Sport weight Dove Heather and about 1/3 of a ball of Wool of the Andes Sport weight in White to finish. I used some Palette in Serrano for his cute nose and mouth too. I tossed some unpopped corn kernels in his bottom and feet to give him a nice weight. He was just the right project for someone who knows how to single crochet, wants to learn how to decrease and wants to practice crocheting a 3-d shape. Plus he only took a day of work to make! I’m thinking about trying to make a little smock for it out of Chroma in Fossil (yes, I still have quite a bit kicking around!).