When geology meets yarn…

A moraine is a deposit of rocks and debris left by glaciers as they advance and recede. Moraines often add some really interesting terrain to the existing land, resulting in crazy looking hills and land that looks folded or striated. Glaciers make for some pretty spectacular geologic features – moving bits of the Earth from place to place, bit by bit, blurring the line between ‘here’ and ‘there’.

Musing on those glacial effects resulted in the Moraine Pullover!

It might be hard to see where to draw a comparison, but in the stitch patterning of Moraine, each ‘point’ recedes and advances through colors, leaving its mark in the next ripple.

There’s no real foreground or background to each of the two color sets that are run together throughout the sweater. Both cycle through light and dark shades, giving the illusion of a much more intricate pattern.

The sweater is knit from the bottom up and the sleeved joined at the underarms to be decreased as a raglan. All of the shaping is done at the sides, where a vertical band of tundra flowers curves inward to create a more hourglass silhouette. Each edge is finished with a dramatic corrugated rib, and the curved v-neck mirrors the patterning.

The Moraine Pullover is available in two kits, Atmosphere and Forest, or choose your own fun colors and get the downloadable pattern! Since Moraine uses different colors and different values of those colors, this would be a great project to pair with that Palette Sampler you’ve been thinking about.

Whether inspired by the geologic origins or just a fan of rhythmic colorwork, the Moraine Pullover is sure to create a lasting impression!