Alcea Cowl

I started day dreaming about a cowl in Lindy Chain the minute we finished unpacking the boxes here at the offices. I pounced upon two balls of lovely, rich blue Navy and decided to try an open stitch to make the perfect summer weather accessory. You can find the free Alcea Cowl pattern here on our website!

It’s such a simple pattern with a single set up row and then stockinette stitch all the way up until the last row when key stitches are dropped creating the long ladders between strips of intact stockinette stitches. This kind of quick knit is perfect for summer evenings when your attention might be split between the project in your hands and the evening twilight skies.

I loved working with Lindy too! It looks so nice with a larger gauge than I would typically knit and it was so easy to rip back or drop stitches. I’m so used to the “grabby” quality of 100% wool fibers whenever I make a mistake and have to rip back that I found myself dreading dropping the stitches at the very end but Lindy was super easy to undo down the length of the cowl. What a nice surprise!

Have you started any projects in the delightful new Lindy Chain? Tell us in the comments!


  1. Lindy / July 2, 2014

    My name is Lindy, so of course I had to buy some Lindy Chain yarn! Such a different feel than I’m used to. Very enjoyable to knit with. I am making the Alcea Cowl, too, by the way! Thanks for great products!!!

  2. Stella / July 1, 2014

    I love this! I’m going to order some lindy chain today, just so I can make it. Thank you for sharing! I love quality patterns that are FREE. 🙂