A Sweater to Remember

We’ve all experienced it. It happens every fall, like clockwork: sweater envy. Those luscious tweeds, sinewy cables, plush woolens. Ahhh. It’s the stuff knitter dreams are made of. With the cooler weather at our door, we have assembled a short list of sweaters that we have not-so-secretly been drooling over.


Knit Picks Allotrope Twist Sweater

Hillary – The Allotrope Twist Sweater, knit in Stroll Sock Yarn, is so soft and snuggly! The cables dress up the sweater while the gradient keeps it modern. The grey and brown would make it match any of my black and brown Fall boots too!


Knit Picks Galloway Pullover

Lee – The Galloway cabled sweater looks so warm and cozy, perfect for adjusting to the cool fall weather! I love that it has lots of different cable patterns to keep the knitting interesting, and I love the look of the overlapping collar.

Note: Lee is brand new to Knit Picks. So new, that her bio is not even on our website yet! Look for an intro to Lee, our amazing new Digital Graphic Designer in the coming week.


Stacey – I’m currently working on Kristen Jancuk‘s Mister Postman for a cozy fall sweater. I’m in love with the shaping and especially the pockets – a must have on all of my cardigans. The original uses City Tweed HW but I’m using the luxurious Bare Woodland Tweed and I’m dying to finish it.


Knit Picks Compass Cardigan

Jennifer – I have not yet made my first sweater, but I’m thinking it’s about time to up my knitting game and go for it! I love the Compass Cardigan but I’m afraid that may be a bit ambitious for my first sweater… so that’s in the queue for a later date. Jenise Hope is one of my favorite IDP designers, and I love her XO Cardigan. Since it’s worsted weight, I’m thinking it may be a more realistic project. Right now I’m deciding between Provincial Tweed or City Tweed yarn.

Knit Picks X&O Cardigan



knit Picks Lissycasey

Kate – The Lissycasey Sweater. First of all, TWEED. Secondly, its A-line shape ensures it won’t be too tight of a fit (a must during the holidays). I love the look of it paired with a collared shirt and feel like it is one those sweaters that would coordinate with virtually everything in my closet. The only downside is that it is a fairly complex cabled pattern, and that is not currently in my bag of knitting tricks. More than likely I will attempt my first hand knit sweater with a more simplistic pattern, such as the Gradient Pullover. Bonus, it’s knit with yarn held double, which I love doing!


What are the sweaters YOU dream of making?