A Collection of Small Things

I’ve been busy starting and finishing projects left and right. Honestly, I’ve been saying that I’m knitting presents for all those people on my holiday list but really I’m just avoiding the massive unfinished Hue Shift Afghan that I’ve got stashed in my closet waiting for that “after the holidays” time. I love the colors but it sure isn’t an immediate gratification project like the ones I’ve been gravitating towards lately.

By the time I’m done traveling and have actually remembered to write “2013” on everything instead of “2012”, I think I’ll be in the mood to make some serious headway into that lovely blanket. In the meantime, this is what’s been keeping me busy:

Hennies Nimbleneedles’ You Light Up My Life lightbulb ornament! I’ve made three so far and love how they look on my little pine tree! They’re snuggled in next to all the other ornaments I’ve been crafting, more on those next week. I knit this little fella up in Palette, but I just realized how wonderful the Stellina in Stroll Glimmer would look in an ornament, especially with the string of lights dancing off those lovely sparkles.

I whipped up a pair of Isidora mittens by SpillyJane when I was craving a bit of colorwork. I knit them two-at-a-time over a weekend and love how they turned out! I used Palette in White, Sky, Orange, Green Tea and Seafaring. These were perfect stash busters.

And, lastly, I knit up a pair of fingerless mittens from my favorite pattern Leap! by Brooke Ramos. And yes, they’re out of Capretta in Scarlet, my favorite yarn and my favorite shade of red! This pair is definitely for myself, but I have another set in the works for a certain fella this winter in Black.

Here’s to more knitting, more stash busting and gifting some warm lovelies to everyone you know this season!