9 Ways to Wear the Reclaimed Collection

The first thing that struck me and my coworkers about the Reclaimed collection was how easily it could fit into our respective, varied wardrobes—which for us, means everything from yoga pants to mega-high heels. And isn’t that the true test of a successful handmade garment? Does it pass the “Will I Wear It” bar?

With that in mind, allow me to present nine interpretations of three gorgeous Reclaimed garments, as seen through the eyes—and real wardrobes!—of staffers Heidi (Art Director), Jenny K. (Multimedia Manager) and yours truly (Marketing Manager):


The Calistoga Tunic by Jill Wright
A wide welt sleeve pattern + zippered asymmetrical collar = a classic pullover with an urban bend.



BLANK CANVAS:  Heidi says, “When the artistic bug bites, I like to don an outfit that awakens the imagination. Spunky red pants, the asymmetrical Calistoga tunic and a palette of freshly-squeezed paints are just the ticket for afternoons of delightfully messy creations.”



A WALK IN THE PARK:  Jenny C. says, “I never met a printed miniskirt I didn’t like—but that means keeping the rest of an outfit relatively simple (and relatively warm, if I’m out-and-about in autumn). With small contemporary details on a classic shape, the Calistoga Tunic exists as a nice compromise between a preppy toggle coat and studded flats.



YOGA A GO-GO:  Jenny K. says, “Ah, the serene bliss after a yoga workout. Like a gentle hug, the comfy Calistoga pullover, coupled with leggings and my favorite sneakers, keeps me in a relaxed and zen state of mind all day.”


Jayashri Pullover by Meghan Jones
Equal parts charming and modern, Jayashri is a short-sleeved pullover, adorned with a sweet pleat and button tab collar.



PICNIC A BIT:  Heidi says, “The explorer in me craves crisp fall adventures into the wild, while still looking like a lady. The lovely Jayashri Pullover paired with a tan skirt is perfect for both lounging on a plaid picnic blanket or romping through fields of autumn foliage splendor.



RECORD STORE DAY:  Jenny C. says, “As I was laying out this get-up, our Catalog Director Hannah declared it ‘straight-up Ghost World’—and I was DELIGHTED! I would absolutely wear this to go find some jazz records with a Steve Buscemi lookalike. Also, I think this is a pretty slick College Girl look; do please also note the Evergreen State bag (oh hey, alma mater). 



MIND-BOGGLING POSSIBILITIES:  Jenny K. says, “For a clever afternoon of word finagling, a smart outfit is necessary. This sharp brown sweater, paired with blue knit pants and boots, ensures my day is replete with lettered victories, interrupted only by the pleasant hum of coffee shop murmurings in the background.



Straight A Dress by Sparrow Kelley
Effortlessly cool and accented with chevron seed stitches, the Straight A dress doubles as a tunic length top!



CROCHET & CAFÉ:  Heidi says, “Weekends stuffed with velvet afternoons of crocheting, reading, and piping hot cups of tea. Ahh, yes please. The Straight A Dress, paired with a denim shirt and comfy knit pants, is the first step toward relaxation utopia.



VINTAGE MEETS MODERN:  Jenny C. says, “The Straight A strikes me as a cozier, more contemporary take on the mid-century sheath dress—so on goes the pile of my thrift store finds! Also, the overall simplicity allows me to gleefully powerclash some of my favorite pieces:  red velvet wedges, a patterned faux-fur trimmed cardigan and the biggest, heaviest daisy necklace you’ve ever seen.



PICTURE PERFECT:  Jenny K. says, “Wandering around urban spaces and cities with my trusty Holga camera is one of my all-time favorite weekend activities. And with a good book in tow, I can meander into a local coffee shop and settle in for a bit of reading (and knitting, of course).


And there you have it ! Hopefully this opens the door for you to imagine all the unique possibilities for Reclaimed in your own wardrobe. Until next time, happy knitting!


  1. theresa / August 18, 2013

    love the styling options (and enjoyed the prop choices)

  2. Mary Ann Boyles / August 16, 2013

    Love this!

  3. Julie / August 15, 2013

    love love love!

  4. Deborah / August 15, 2013

    I loved this presentation!!! Hope you do more of this with future pattern collections. I love everything about you guys. Please keep up the great work.

  5. Barbara / August 15, 2013

    New to knitting (six months). Enjoying all of my learning experiences. I have enjoyed looking at this collection. Thank you for the preview.

  6. ns karterman / August 15, 2013

    Very clever presentation with fashion possibilities tempting us to step up.
    Love your work. Could we hope to get more in the near future?
    Love you guys,

  7. Jenny / August 15, 2013

    What I would like to see added to this are full 360 degree shots of the sweaters on someone. I can’t always tell if arms bell, how tight the sweater is in the torso, and where it is supposed to hit on the body length-wise. That would be a terrific addition tothis great post — already a terrific supplement to what I saw in the catalog I received in the mail just yesterday!

  8. honeybee33 / August 15, 2013

    oooh, I love this! Please do more of these for all your pattern collections – it’s so great to see different ways to wear the pieces to fit in with different sartorial styles.

  9. Kim / August 15, 2013

    Calistoga really rocks it for this 49-year-old. Just sayin’

  10. Cindi Gibson / August 15, 2013

    Although I love the Straight A, I wish knitwear designers would figure out that most “real” people don’t like asymmetric designs. Unless you’re 19-24ish, our bodies are already asymmetric enough without making it look wackier.

  11. Linda Lemons / August 15, 2013

    The Calistoga Tunic is so totally my style, which is casual chic. Paired with a great pair of pants and my favorite boots for lunch and knitting with friends, or jeans and sneakers for a day with family, it exudes an air of confident style.

  12. BarbaraR / August 15, 2013

    I knit the Jayashri Pullover in the photos, and I can attest to the fact that it’s a great pattern, knit in delightful yarn, and that the end product is very versatile and would be a great addition to anyone’s wardrobe. Love the styling photos!