9 Spooky things we love – October

It’s cold and raining here in the Pacific Northwest – which means Fall is officially here, and winter is on its way! It’s the season of fall knitting – working on your warm and cozy projects and sipping hot cider. But first… let’s celebrate Halloween, our favorite dark and stormy night full of frights and fun. This month’s favorite things include all things Halloween, everything you’ll need to prepare yourselves for the spooky ghosts and goblins that are sure to visit! We hope you love these as much as we do.  – happy crafting!

Fall Knitting - 9 Spooky Things We Love for October at www.knitpicks.com

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1. Sunrise Stacking Mug>> 2. Hawthorne Kettle in Blackbird>> 3. Odds and Ends Canisters>> 4. Safety Eyes>> 5. Pumpking Dishcloth Pattern>> 6. Paragon in Silver>> 7. Brava Worsted in Orange>> 8. Shetland Shoreline Shawl Pattern>> 9. Knit Picks Needle Case in Black>>