6 Ways to Wear the Under 100 Knit Collection

Endlessly versatile and supremely satisfying, the Under 100 Knit Collection was designed to make the most of your stash while accessorizing your day-to-day wear with style. And to help spark a bit of inspiration, we are here to kick things off with another edition of Style It! This time, we are highlighting three accessories styled two ways – all from the Under 100 collection.

Scrunchy Ombre Arm Warmers by Amanda Schwabe
The Scrunchy Ombre Arm Warmers combine two of any knitter’s favorite things: using those up tiny ball balls of leftover sock yarn and stripes.  These simple-yet-addictive arm warmers keep your hands warm and your fingers available for knitting.


CASUAL CHIC: Comfy and casual gets an upgrade with the help of a bold, chunky necklace, coordinating nail polish (of course!) and ombre arm warmers that show off fun splashes of stripes. Layering a basic grey raglan over a crisp white shirt pulls the look together to create a blissful balance of casual chic.


PRETTY AND PRACTICAL: This sweet and charming outfit gets an unexpected dose of practicality – the striped arm warmers not only draw attention to the oversized bow and add to the overall color scheme, but they also are sure to keep your hands toasty warm while typing away in your always-too-chilly office.


Honey Wine Beanie by Erica Jackofsky
A classic beanie, this hat shows off twisting cables against a background of reverse stockinette. Worked from the bottom edge up to the crown, the Honey Wine Beanie uses widely spaced cables to allow for a stretchy hat that fits a range of sizes.


BOLD GOLD: Dress up a simple motorcycle jacket with luxe metallic shades to be ready for an urban adventure, day or night. Layered bracelets add a refined shine while the copper-colored hat adds a softer texture to this urban chic ensemble.


PATTERN PLAY: Bold lines, textures and patterns make a refreshingly stylish statement! Experiment with garments and accessories that would normally be reserved as stand-alone pieces. Mix entwining cables with graphic prints and classic stripes, the sky is the limit.


Butterfly Lace Scarf by Alice Tang
The Butterfly Lace Scarf balances the very open lace of the butterfly stitch with the beautiful halo of mohair to create texture and visual substance. Although it may look tricky at first, it’s actually quite easy to knit with impressive results.


GOOD NEWS FOR BRIGHT HUES: Have a penchant for colorful pants and legging? A cascade of quiet neutrals serves as the perfect backdrop to this fun trend. A crisp white shirt is your best friend while a breezy lace scarf adds just a touch a softness in this bold pairing.


CUTE AS A BUTTON TOPPED WITH A BOW: A simple oversized bow transforms this lacy scarf from practical to standout accessory! Not only does the scarf-as-bow method serve as the focal point of your outfit, it adds loads of vintage charm with minimal effort.


There you have it! A double take of three versatile designs from the Under 100 Knit Collection. How would you style your favorite Under 100 accessory? We’d love to hear your ideas!

You can find bother versions of the Under 100 Knit Collection here:

Under 100 Knit Collection ebook
Under 100 Knit Collection printed book


  1. Jane Barter / February 6, 2014

    I think this is the neatest Website I have been on. Being an avid knitter it is nice to see how you might embellish an outfit with something you’ve knitted…keep the good work Knit Picks!

  2. Jane Bristol / January 29, 2014

    I love you, Knitpicks! You are my all-time favorite yarn company, and the recent collection of “Under 100” is just fabulous! I also think the 2014 Gloss collection is beautiful. I love patterns that teach me something new or have clever twists in them to keep me interested/thinking. What a treat for the cold winter evenings!

  3. Nancy Liedel / January 24, 2014

    I love it when it’s done for me. Ideas and outfits I would wear and are wearable at any age. I am a process knitter. However, seeing things placed with clothing really opens my universe. Thank you.

  4. Linda L. Andrews-Kirgis / January 23, 2014

    I really like this feature and would like to see it incorporated with more of your yarns and patterns. A great way to visualize how to wear knitted pieces.

  5. jennifer / January 22, 2014

    What a really great idea! I love how the outfits are put together to demonstrate how pretty a handmade item will look with it.

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