5 Great Customer Knits in Knit Picks Yarn

We see a lot of projects come through the doors here at Knit Picks. From the samples we have knit for our collections, to staff projects that span all levels of craft, there’s nothing like swooning over someone’s hard work, appreciating all the hours that went into their creation. It’s the projects from customers, however, that often make us gasp with delight. It’s fun to see how they used a certain yarn a certain way, and it never ceases to surprise us how creative our customers really are, constantly!  Here are 5 amazing projects knit in Knit Picks Yarn. Maybe one of them will inspire you!


Isn’t this shawl, knit in Hawthorne Kettle colorway Poseidon, stunning? Apparently it was a quick knit! From Morag: “Wanted a quick shawl in between projects. Done and happy with it!” Find the details, on her Ravelry page, here.


If lace isn’t your thing, how about colorwork? A baby fair isle sweater seems like the perfect way to get your feet wet, and Palette Yarn is always the perfect candidate for a colorwork job. From Cassandra: “Love this pattern. Made one for husband’s friend’s daughter since I love the one made for my son so much. So pretty!” Ravelry details here.


If colorwork isn’t your thing, but color surely is, how about this amazing Rainbow Bounce Blanket? Made in Mighty Stitch Yarn, it’s a true spectacle. From Susan: “I made it for my grand-nephew, Nathaniel Jack. The combination of the yarn and the textured stitches felt wonderful in my hands. I especially loved changing colors.” Ravelry link here.


Have you looked at our Hawthorne Speckles and wondered, what, besides socks, this yarn might be great for? How about the Starshower Cowl (Ravelry link). From Kelly: “Who doesn’t love this pattern?! My daughter wears my first Starshower and I want it back in my closet. So, I knit her another one. The yarn was so pretty with the speckles.”

persian dreams

Now, please check out this masterpiece. What can you say? It’s beyond gorgeous. The combination of Palette and Chroma yarns just takes my breath away. From Kay: “I used Chroma to do the Persian Dreams blanket. Worked great to let the yarn do the color changes rather than changing and having so many ends to weave in. I LOVE IT!!!” Ravelry link here.

Have you loved seeing stunning projects made from our customers? Next up: Stunning Crochet Projects in Knit Picks Yarns. Are there any that have made you gasp? Send us a link, in comments!


  1. Leonie / June 3, 2016

    Oh my gosh that Persian Dream Rug is stunning. Man would I love to have a go at making one for myself. Gorgeous.

  2. IrishJenn / May 28, 2016

    Here’s another stunning Persian Dreams made with your yarn. http://www.ravelry.com/projects/joan8904/persian-dreams