3 Ways to Use Your Knit Picks Gift Card

The holidays have come and gone – and chances are that many of you were lucky recipients of a Knit Picks gift card, yay! But now comes the eternal dilemma…how to most wisely spend your gift card: yarn, new needles, patterns and books for 2016 inspiration? As always, we’re here to help and have rounded up our favorite splurge-worthy ways to use Knit Picks gift cards!

1. The Luxury Yarn Sale
What can we say, after spending months and weeks crafting handmade gifts for others – it’s about time for you to indulge a bit! And what better way to treat yourself than with our favorite luxury yarns, up to 40% off.

facebook_newsfeed_luxury*Select yarn lines and colors only. Limited to stock on hand. Ends Jan. 5, 2016.

2. The Premium Winding Station Tool Knit
Every yarn lover remembers the life-changing moment when they first got a ball winder and a swift – no more tangles, no more hours spent winding yarn by hand! Our premium winding station comes with a ball winder and a swift plus other essentials to simplify your yarn life: a scale and a yarn meter for tackling those partial balls of yarn (or if you are a spinner, these tools are amazing for handspun yarns)!

Premium Winding StationThe Premium Winding Station Tool Kit

3. The Options Short Interchangeable Caspian Needle Set
Not only are the shortie needles adorable, but they are also super practical! This special set of short interchangeable needles is designed to create 16″ circular needles – just the thing for accessories like cowls, hats and other small circumference projects (or even sweater sleeves). The needle tips are shorter and we’ve come up with a special short cable that works perfectly together to create a range of 16″ interchangeable needles.

shortiesThe Options Short Interchangeable Caspian Needle Set

Were you a lucky crafter who got a Knit Picks gift card this holiday season? We’d love to hear what you chose to indulge in!

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  1. Laverne / January 1, 2016

    I was thrilled to get the new Royal set of Knit Picks interchangeable needles for Christmas along with the set of 16″ interchangeable needles. A knitting gal’s dream.