Presents, Presents, Presents EVERYWHERE!

It’s scramble time in the gift department! No matter how far ahead I start making presents I always find myself in a mad-dash of making, right up until my parents arrive for brunch Christmas morning. While this year has been no less frantic, I have a few last-minute gifts to share that will hopefully inspire you in your own crafting endeavors!


I whipped up this super cute Polar Bear from Mini Knitted Safari, the companion book to Mini Knitted Woodland. These teeny tiny critters are knit flat and then carefully stuffed and seamed. I have the little Moose and Deer patterns set aside from Mini Knitted Woodland to whip up Christmas Eve as my very last projects. Next year I’d love to do a series of gift toppers out of little creatures from books in our Amigurumi book section.


I was perusing the world of crochet toys for my little niece this year and the minute I spotted Rose Hip Henry from Lydia Tresselt’s Lalylala 4seaons III Autumn mini pattern collection, I knew I had to make it AND that I had the perfect yarn for it already! I used a ball each of Shine Sport in Grapefruit, Platinum, Pistachio and Terra Cotta (long discontinued, but still in my stash). That zany Grapefruit orange is so perfect! I love how it turned out and it’s the perfect stocking stuffer gift for a kiddo.


Lastly, I recently bought myself a lovely four harness floor loom and I can honestly say it’s one of the best things I have ever done. This scarf is the third project I’ve woven with it and is absolutely stunning. I used two hanks each of Alpaca Cloud Lace in Anna (warp) and Oyster Heather (weft) held double. The finished scarf has the most wonderfully soft drape and has an incredible luster that just can’t be done justice with a photograph.

While this scarf was woven on a large loom, I’ve made some beautiful scarves on the 24 inch Harp Forte Loom we have here at the office. Wovens make great gifts and you can make some fun projects with our rigid heddle looms and a copy of The Weaver’s Idea Book for inspiration if you want to try your hand at a new craft.

It’s always the perfect season to be crafty but this is the season when our gifts really shine! I can’t wait to watch everyone open presents, eat some great food and greeting the New Year with empty WIP bin! What are your last-minute gift plans? I’d love to read them in the comments!