Monthly Archives: August 2020

Bare Yarn: An Indie Dyer’s Canvas

A hand holds a cake of pink yarn - it has been naturally dyed with avocado.avocado dyed yarn from @woodsandwool

While it’s not a secret by any means, you may not know that most of our existing yarn lines are available in their undyed, natural state. We lovingly refer to these pristine fibers as bare yarns. In addition to heavy-hitters like Wool of the Andes, Hawthorne, and Gloss, you’ll find a healthy selection of unique fibers that aren’t available as part of our regular dyed offerings. Weighing in at 100g, these yarns are less expensive than their colorful counterparts, making them a smart choice when shopping for budget-friendly fibers.

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August News: Summertime Block Party

It might seem counter-intuitive, but it’s my personal belief that August is the perfect time to start a blanket project. The days are still hot enough that the need for a cozy blanket is not yet there, but with nights cooling down, our desires to cuddle up on the couch with a comfy hand knit blanket are on the rise. Add to the appeal the ability to tackle your blanket’s construction one block at a time, and you’ve got yourself the ultimate late-summer portable project. Whether you’re a lover of clean lines and straight forward design or gravitate more towards the funky side of the bed with colorful hexi patterns and asymmetrical seams, our latest pattern collection, Block …

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