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Book Sale Feature: Celebrating Maine!

There seems to be a hotbed of knitting talent in the state of Maine, doesn’t there? Perhaps it’s a crafty place where the weather is conducive to a hot drink and a knitting project by the fire. Here are 3 knitting books by Maine authors. With 40% off all books in our (soon to be ending) book sale, you might just want to pick one (or a few) up, and travel to Maine through the craft of knitting!


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Podcasts to Queue While you Craft

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I’m back with some new podcast recommendations! Last November I did a post with some of my favorite feeds to listen to while I knit/weave/crochet/cook/clean/drive/do all the things. It’s definitely time to dive in to my enormous list of ‘casts for an update. I have two crafty-themed suggestions and two story-based podcasts just for you when you click through to the rest of the post!

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A Beginner’s Knitting Journey

aka: Learning to knit something besides scarves.

As the newest member of the Knit Picks team, I have a lot to learn! I am fairly new to knitting… although I’ve known how to knit for years, until I came to work at Knit Picks I hadn’t made anything more complicated than a garter-stitch scarf. In less than a week of employment I was drooling over yarn and planning out what to create next. It was obvious I was going to need to learn to knit on a more sophisticated level. Fortunately I am surrounded by talented knitters who have been so very patiently helping me! Let me share a bit of my beginning knitter’s journey, aka: learning to knit something besides scarves.

beginning knitter's journey: learning to knit something besides scarves

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Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day! Around here, many of us are taking part in various activities around in our area and we hope you will be doing the same. But reducing our impact on the environment happens year round  – and we have a few projects that can help!

First of all – dishcloths! Using dishcloths rather than disposable products creates less waste for our landfills.  We have over 100 free patterns, in both knit and crochet for you to enjoy – including one with a nifty recycle symbol – The Three R’s Dishcloth!

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Earth Day Promo: Get a free usable mug or tote bag

To celebrate Earth Day, we’re offering a few reusable freebies with your next order! There are two options: get a free reusable Knit Picks mug with orders $50+ OR get a free Knit Picks Tote Bag with orders $75+*. You’ll be helping the Earth one sip and one grocery shopping trip at a time, all while showing off your love of all things crafty!

facebook_newsfeed_2016_EARTHDAY2Use promo code EARTHDAY50

Want to learn how to get your free mug or free tote bag? You can read all of the details on this page HERE and you’ll also find all of the styles available for the promo on that same page.

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Book Sale! Great New Titles

We’re well in to our book sale where you can save 40% on all books in stock! There are so many titles on our site now so there are tons of new books and old favorites to browse. Trust me, I know. We keep copies of all our books here in the office and they just happen to be stored on shelves in my cube, I love scooting my office chair over and spending a few minutes browsing new titles and getting inspiration (and maybe making a photocopy… or two). I always look forward to our book sales, and I wanted to share three of my favorite new titles that you can order now to save 40%!

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Diadem: Luxury Without Limits

Summer is a great time for smaller knits – things you can put in a project bag and take with you on a plane ride or a road trip. I like to grab a pattern and yarn that I’ve been looking forward to making and, once completed, put these items into a “gifts for anyone” bag. That way, when I need a birthday gift or have one more person for gifting at the holidays, I have some things ready.


Diadem is the perfect yarn for smaller items that will make you, or the recipient of your gifts, gasp with delight. A delightful blend of alpaca and silk, Diadem is soft beyond belief, and as shiny and luxurious as the gemstones that the colorways suggest. I would love to make the Palazzo Lace Scarf, above, and the Ciel Sorbet Poncho, below. I think anyone I know would be thrilled to receive them.

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Sweet Spring Projects by Independent Designers

Spring is most definitely in the air! It’s time to put away our sweaters and chunky scarves and bring out our lighter wardrobes. For all of us fiber lovers, that means it’s time for a fun new spring yarn project! Or two… or three…

Let’s start with this fabulous Mesa Wrap, designed by Chelsea Berkompas. It’s a light and airy summer wrap with sections of mesh lace and a distinct striping pattern shaped by simple short rows. Knit in Lindy Chain, this wrap has a wonderful drape and sheen.

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