Book Sale Feature: Celebrating Maine!

There seems to be a hotbed of knitting talent in the state of Maine, doesn’t there? Perhaps it’s a crafty place where the weather is conducive to a hot drink and a knitting project by the fire. Here are 3 knitting books by Maine authors. With 40% off all books in our (soon to be ending) book sale, you might just want to pick one (or a few) up, and travel to Maine through the craft of knitting!


First up, is Swoon Maine, by Carrie Bostick Hoge. Known for her Madder series, Swoon Maine is a compilation of 14 sophisticated patterns, from fingerless mittens to childrens vests and adult sweaters, inspired by the landscape of the state of Maine. If you’re looking for a collection of elegant accessories with some impressive garments even beginners can tackle, Swoon Maine has got it all.


Many people know Hannah Fettig from her other name, Knitbot. Her newest book, Home and Away capitalizes on her unique ability to design simple garments with exciting details, in a wide range of sizes. It’s unique, however, in that it gives the knitter two sets of instructions – one for top down construction with minimal finishing, and the other for seamed garments with a more structured fit. Information on yarn substitutions, gauge, and fit, make Home and Away a truly unique knitting book.


If finishing garments isn’t your thing, Maine knitter Kristen TenDyke has got you covered. Her book No-Sew Knits offers 20 garments, including pullovers, cardigans, shrugs, and hoodies, almost fully constructed in one piece. Check out No-Sew Knits and settle into this Maine author’s way of doing things – with more knitting, and less finishing. With 40% off all titles in our book store, no matter what way you enjoy knititng, there will always be a book to suit you – from Maine and beyond!