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Socktacular! – Now back in stock!

Like most sock knitters I know, I tend to mix and match my sock patterns – I’ll like a stitch pattern on this one, a heel on that one, and a toe from completely different one! So that’s why I love Socktacular!, our fun choose your own sock adventure. And we know a lot of you are loving it too since we completely ran out of our first printing! But good news – the book is now back in stock!

Pages from 75204D socktacular

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Ending Soon: 30% off Chroma Yarn

There are only a few days left to take advantage of our monthly yarn sale and to save 30% off all Chroma – that’s only $6.99 for all of your favorite shade-shifting colorways!

knit picks yarn sale

In need of some pattern inspiration perfect for Chroma? You’re in luck because we have an entire collection of patterns designed with Chroma in mind. This pattern collection includes everything from afghans, mittens and scarves to a hat and shawlette. Quite a delightful mix of patterns that are sure to keep your needles busy!

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Charity Spotlight: CLICK for Babies

Have you ever seen a newborn wearing a purple cap, or gone to a maternity ward to see teeny purple caps being worn on all the tiny heads of babies? These caps are there thanks to “CLICK for Babies”, an organization that facilitates the distribution of caps made by crafters of all varieties, in hopes to raise awareness for the “Period of PURPLE Crying” or “Shaken Baby Syndrome” prevention. Christine Baker, Program Coordinator for Period of PURPLE Crying at Seattle Children’s Hospital, answers a few questions about the caps, and how you can start making them, too!


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Tips & Tricks for Lace Knitting

Summer is here and so is the warm weather, which means it’s a great time to hone your lace skills! Whether lace is your passion or your knitting nemesis, here are a few handy guidelines and tutorials to help keep your needles flying and your frustration at bay, the next time you cast on.

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5 Favorite Books: Lace Knitting and Crochet

Do you knit lace? Personally, it terrifies me. I’ve tried it a few times, but between the intricate charts and constant yarn-overs, I get very confused, make mistakes, and often end of ripping my whole project back to the beginning, where I sit baffled at how anyone actually does this. I like lace in small doses: a panel here and there to complement the rest of a (simple) knitted project. I’m working my way up to Estonian shawls in very small increments, and when I look at books about lace, I dare myself to go forward, “lifelines” in hand. Here are five books from the Knit Picks shelves I love to page through. You might enjoy them, too! At 40% off in our current book sale, why not pick one up and cast-on (or dream, like me, of casting on). Our book sale is on, for only a bit longer!

“Lace Yarn Studio” is a fun book with a collection of patterns from varied designers. From smaller projects to larger sweaters, you can work your way up to complicated projects and learn a bit more about lace yarn, in the process!


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