Socktacular! – Now back in stock!

Like most sock knitters I know, I tend to mix and match my sock patterns – I’ll like a stitch pattern on this one, a heel on that one, and a toe from completely different one. So that’s why I love Socktacular!, our fun choose your own sock adventure. And we know a lot of you are loving it too since we completely ran out of our first printing! But good news – the book is now back in stock!

Pages from 75204D socktacular

With 324 possible combination (we counted ’em), you could knit & wear a different pair of socks for nearly a year! Or, more reasonably, you can simply try out some new styles to find your perfect pair of socks. (For me, I would say top down, ribbed cuff, gusset heel, round toe with the Basket Rib pattern)


And as much as I love my Stroll socks, these patterns would be fantastic in my favorite sock yarn Hawthorne!

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