5 Favorite Books: Lace Knitting and Crochet

Do you knit lace? Personally, it terrifies me. I’ve tried it a few times, but between the intricate charts and constant yarn-overs, I get very confused, make mistakes, and often end of ripping my whole project back to the beginning, where I sit baffled at how anyone actually does this. I like lace in small doses: a panel here and there to complement the rest of a (simple) knitted project. I’m working my way up to Estonian shawls in very small increments, and when I look at books about lace, I dare myself to go forward, “lifelines” in hand. Here are five books from the Knit Picks shelves I love to page through. You might enjoy them, too! At 40% off in our current book sale, why not pick one up and cast-on (or dream, like me, of casting on). Our book sale is on, for only a bit longer!

“Lace Yarn Studio” is a fun book with a collection of patterns from varied designers. From smaller projects to larger sweaters, you can work your way up to complicated projects and learn a bit more about lace yarn, in the process!


“Lovely Knitted Lace” has classic projects you’ll love to wear. These are the kind of garments and accessories I wish I had in my drawers. I dream of donning them, hearing people say, “Oh my gosh, did you make that?” To which I would answer, “Oh yes, it only took me a few afternoons!”. Everything in this book is modern, and it looks like the lace repeats might not be too daunting, while the construction is super simple, as well!


If you like crochet (I love crochet) but haven’t done much lace, why not try a smaller project like the ones in “100 Lace Flowers to Crochet”. I’d love to make a large variety and embroider them onto a piece of fabric, finishing it into the cutest quilt ever. Or why not frame them? I could give you a million suggestions, and so will this book. You’ll be crocheting a whole lace garden, in no time.


For the more advanced crocheter of lace, Pauline Turner’s Crochet Lace book is a beautiful guide to classic projects you can hand down through generations. There is such elegance in these pages! These are the kind of patterns I stare at, in awe.


Finally, Knit Picks’ own best-selling book Heirloom Lace cannot be left off the list. I look at the pattern for the “Peacock Shawl” regularly. It’s just so stunning! For the lace knitter who loves items she can wear throughout the seasons, this book is a must.


When people post photos to our Facebook page or Instagram feed of lace projects they’ve made with our yarns, I often can’t believe my eyes. Now that our Alpaca Cloud Lace Yarn is available in over 60 colors (can you believe it?) the projects are bound to get more vibrant and, as people dive in more, perhaps more intricate? I’m still on a path to learning lace, and these books (40% off in our current book sale) will certainly help me on my way. Do you like knitting lace and if so, what do you like to knit?

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  1. Judy / July 21, 2015

    I love lace knitting. I never thought I would do it. My granddaughter and I were in Bern, Switzerland and saw a beautiful lace scarf in a yarn shop. She fell in love. I suggested that we buy the scarf if possible because I believed that I could never knit it. The owner said we could purchase it for $200. I then suggested that I try lace knitting,no guarantees,for $39 and the pattern free. I started that day in May and finished by October. Before I have it to her I won a blue ribbon in a competition and was able to give her both the scarf and the ribbon. I have since enjoyed knitting a number of lace scarves…all of silk/mohair blend. I have many more planned.