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Tucked In: Starry Splendor Crochet Blanket

I love a good, oversized crochet blanket and nothing comes close to the satisfaction of crocheting with Billow on a large 9mm crochet hook. I also really love using Billow for blankets – it is super soft and I just adore the way its thick and think texture shines through with crochet. For my contribution to Tucked In, I used softly colored stripes of Billow against a neutral background to create a blanket that works for any season.

Starry Splendor Crochet Blanket

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Tucked In: The Darling Blanket

The Darling Blanket | Knit PicksHi, I’m Heidi, and I’m a blanket addict. I began my crochet love affair with two years ago with my first blanket, and haven’t looked back since. Naturally, I was delighted at the idea of  Tucked In, a collection of crochet afghans designed by everyone here at the office.

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Northwoods Pattern Collection


One of the things I love about our new pattern collection, Northwoods (and there are so many things), is how sophisticated and polished all the project are, while still being down-to-earth. They’re all just so wearable, you know? And the cable stitches add a lot of interest without being overwhelming to knit. Today, I’m highlighting a couple of my favorite patterns from the collection, with some exclusive images from the photo shoot that I couldn’t fit into the book.

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Pom Pom Love, Part 2: Thanksgiving!

In the last installment of our series about creative ways to use pompoms, we made fun objects that kids could enjoy. With Thanksgiving just around the corner (hard to admit, isn’t it?) let’s look at 3 fun ways pompoms, made with luxurious Diadem yarn for an extra luxe look, can enhance your holiday home.


These pompom place cards are a fun way to decorate your table and tell your guests where they should sit.

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Stars + Stripes Blanket

Squares and Stripes Blanket from Tucked In -

The idea for Tucked In, a collection of crochet afghans designed by everyone here at the office had me reaching for four of my favorite Wool of the Andes Superwash colors and immediately crocheting up a storm of test swatches before we even finished outlining the concept! After the first hour, I knew I wanted to do a mixture of granny squares and granny stripes, all that was left to do was to work out how Brass Heather, White, Clarity and Cadet would work together throughout what would become the Squares + Stripes Blanket.

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