Tucked In: Starry Splendor Crochet Blanket

I love a good, oversized crochet blanket and nothing comes close to the satisfaction of crocheting with Billow on a large 9mm crochet hook. I also really love using Billow for blankets – it is super soft and I just adore the way its thick and think texture shines through with crochet. For my contribution to Tucked In, I used softly colored stripes of Billow against a neutral background to create a blanket that works for any season.

Starry Splendor Crochet Blanket

The 5 contrast stripes are centered slightly, rather than spread out evenly along the length of the blanket for a modern touch. I also used a star stitch along the edge of the striped rows as a sweet detail. I originally stumbled across this stitch in a stitch dictionary and immediately I imagined using it on a larger scale – and a blanket was the perfect blank canvas!

Starry Splendor Crochet Blanket

Worked by dipping your hook into previously worked rows, the small stars add a lovely texture to the blanket while adding small splashes of color in the neutral section. Here is a close up of the cute star stitches (they also remind me of tiny plants growing out of the ground in the springtime)!

Starry Splendor Crochet Blanket

You can find the Starry Spendor Blanket in the Tucked In collection:

Tucked In eBook

Tucked In printed book

And don’t forget, this crochet blanket is also available as a single download!

Starry Splendor Blanket