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Leave No Stroll Bright Behind


I know I’ve mentioned this before, but I love Stroll Brights. I think in the last office meeting here at Knit Picks I might have been referred to as “Our Lady of Stroll Brights”. I’ll take it! Now that my favorite yarn is back for as long as it lasts (and I know that won’t be long), I thought I might do a round-up of some great projects done in Stroll Brights. Perhaps you’ll find some neon inspiration, too.

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Free Dishcloth Pattern: Woven Lines

I’m particularly excited about the free dishcloth pattern this week!  I was thinking about a scarf pattern I did several years ago, a two color striped scarf where each color was 1 row – to achieve this, you slid the project back & forth on circular needles to pick up the working yarn. I started playing around with some Dishie one day, trying to recreate it (I can’t find the pattern anywhere, though this one is similar), playing with different stitch patterns, and I really loved how it looked in seed stitch.  So here’s the Woven Lines Dishcloth!


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The Big Sale has arrived!

It’s here! It’s here!!
big sale

As you may have noticed – our annual cyber week sale has started and this year, it’s better than ever! In addition to the 800+ yarns and colors that are on sale, we also have a selection of special limited-edition yarns including the return of a few old favorites.

And as for exploring the BIG SALE – I’ve compiled a handy guide to navigating all of the stellar deals with my top 10 must-have yarns!

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Podcast Call for Entries: Handmade Holiday

Have you ever received a handmade gift that was absolutely dreadful? What did you do? Did you ever give something that took you months and months to make, only to have it be taken for granted by the recipient? Did you ever have a completely amazing experience giving someone something handmade? We would love to hear from you for our upcoming podcast “Handmade Holidays”. …

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Misty Rose Dishcloth

Misty Rose is a fanciful version of a crocheted dishcloth to decorate your kitchen with as well as having a purpose. Pick two colors and create a blossom of your own.  The Misty Rose dishcloth was a fun project to design and crochet.  I have always loved the pink and grey combination, and the Dishie colors were perfect.  In this project I decided that the grey would be my pop of color. The soft ruffles gives it a feminine and a little dressy look.

Misty Rose Dishcloth from Knit

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