10 Stitch Twist Blanket – Finished!

This project felt like it took forever, and I’m so glad it’s finally done. I also love the finished result, so it was worth all that effort. Here’s my 10 Stitch Twist blanket in all its 72″ diameter glory.

I ended up using 36 balls of Palette, double stranding 2 colors together throughout. I switched out one color at a time (every 3/4 of a round or so) so that the color transitions are pretty gradual. Frankie Brown’s 10 Stitch Twist pattern is clever and simple – it’s excellent tv/movie knitting and keeps you warm at the same time!

Melissa – our color guru – helped me pick out the colors to match my sofa, and the blanket looks wonderful draped over the arm of the sofa – ready to curl up with a good book when I am. And the ample size means no cold toes.

You know what? I just had a thought….if you bought two of your favorite Palette Sampler that is on sale, together they would make an incredible, color-coordinated blanket like this! What a deal! You’ll find them on our Kits web page – hurry, they’re almost gone.