Charity Spotlight: CLICK for Babies

Have you ever seen a newborn wearing a purple cap, or gone to a maternity ward to see teeny purple caps being worn on all the tiny heads of babies? These caps are there thanks to “CLICK for Babies”, an organization that facilitates the distribution of caps made by crafters of all varieties, in hopes to raise awareness for the “Period of PURPLE Crying” or “Shaken Baby Syndrome” prevention. Christine Baker, Program Coordinator for Period of PURPLE Crying at Seattle Children’s Hospital, answers a few questions about the caps, and how you can start making them, too!


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5 Favorite Books: Lace Knitting and Crochet

Do you knit lace? Personally, it terrifies me. I’ve tried it a few times, but between the intricate charts and constant yarn-overs, I get very confused, make mistakes, and often end of ripping my whole project back to the beginning, where I sit baffled at how anyone actually does this. I like lace in small doses: a panel here and there to complement the rest of a (simple) knitted project. I’m working my way up to Estonian shawls in very small increments, and when I look at books about lace, I dare myself to go forward, “lifelines” in hand. Here are five books from the Knit Picks shelves I love to page through. You might enjoy them, too! At 40% off in our current book sale, why not pick one up and cast-on (or dream, like me, of casting on). Our book sale is on, for only a bit longer!

“Lace Yarn Studio” is a fun book with a collection of patterns from varied designers. From smaller projects to larger sweaters, you can work your way up to complicated projects and learn a bit more about lace yarn, in the process!


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Free Ball of Comfy!

Have you tried Comfy, our cotton blend yarn? It’s truly my favorite, when I’m not using wool. Now, for a limited time, you can get a free ball of Comfy! Just do a bit of shopping ($25 or more) and add a ball of Comfy to your cart. At checkout, add promo code COMFY, and your ball will be free!


Find out all the details HERE, and don’t forget, this includes Comfy Worsted Heather Special Reserve, one of our favorite yarns. See some projects in it HERE!

*Promo ends 07/22/15 at 11:59pm EST. Normal shipping charges apply. Purchase required, must meet or exceed $25. Purchase required, does not apply to downloadable merchandise, gift cards and backorders. No adjustments to prior purchases or to purchases made after this promotion expires. Offer good while supplies last – limit one per customer; must be logged into free Knit Picks account for promo to be valid. No cash value. Cannot be combined with other promo codes or offers.

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Podcast 252: Charity Crafting – Listen NOW!

Have you ever crafted for charity? In this episode of the podcast, we feature charities that can use your handmade items! “Click for Babies” provides hospitals with purple hats to help protect infants. “Knitted Knockers” provides bra inserts to women who have undergone mastectomies. Podcast listeners highlight ways they contribute to non-profit organizations, and Knit Picks’ own Stacey talks about “Helping Hands: Made with Love, Given with Heart”, our recent book about charity crafting. Tune in to the podcast, and be inspired!


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