Best New Yarns

We had more than a dozen new yarn lines become available this year, with everything from lace weight to super bulky, and the list of the bestselling new yarns is just as varied! There is one trend we see that we’ll be sure to keep in mind, and that’s variations on beloved yarns, with new weights and dye styles of old favorites.

Animation Amigurumi Sets

Move aside mini candy bars! There’s a new tiny star in town. Animation mini skein packs are the perfect yarn for toys, amigurumi, and other adorable little creations. The color-coordinated mini skeins are so cute that you’ll be tempted to display them whole! Mercerized cotton gives a unique sheen and deep color saturation, and when you crochet it at a dense gauge, 3D elements keep their shape without fuss. Each Animation pack includes 10 color-coordinated mini skeins. Exactly what you’ll need to make an adorable collection of tiny creations.


A new take on everyone’s favorite self-striping sock yarn, Felicini reimagines the playful colors of Felici by scaling them down into happy, little stripe sets on the beloved fiber blend for socks. The superwash merino is incredibly soft, and it’s blended with nylon to add strength and durability. The end result is perfect for the rigorous wear of socks, and being able to machine wash them means they’ll get worn constantly! Plus, Felicini comes with enough yardage to create a matching pair of socks from just one ball.

Swish Pops

Like different music genres combining to create sub-genres, different dye styles play together on Swish Pops to create colorful and carefree variegated hanks. Speckles and hand-painted color are splashed across incredibly soft DK-weight Swish, making Swish Pops the perfect companion for solid-color Swish DK. Mix and match Swish Pops with Swish DK to add a hand-painted touch to multi-color projects or use Swish Pops on its own to knit and crochet vibrant accessories, baby knits, or sweaters.


Say hello to spring & summer knitting with this lightweight, uniquely blended yarn. Colorful Mulberry silk and alpaca are mixed with a white linen strand to create a fanciful laceweight yarn, perfect for shawls, tees, and tanks. Projects made with this yarn will always stand out in a crowd!

Brava Recycle

Waste acrylic is given new life with Brava Recycle! Our mills have collected waste fibers and sorted them by shade to be remixed, respun, and recycled into gorgeous limited edition heathers. Six beautiful neutrals and three sophisticated contrast colors come in DK weight, making this yarn a great choice for knitting toys, especially animal toys, as well as easy-care accessories, sweaters, blankets, and pillows.

Hawthorne DK

The bold colors of Hawthorne make an even bigger statement on a DK-weight yarn! A reflection of the great Northwest, Hawthorne is a yarn inspired by the varied and vibrant place we call home. This sturdy, vibrant, superwash yarn is made up of a blend of superwash wool for comfort and warmth and nylon for strength. Together they make a beautiful canvas for colors that range from vibrant and playful to moody and sophisticated. A classic high twist gives this the bounce and resilience, great for projects that are both sturdy and make a statement. Use this DK-weight version of Hawthorne for heavy socks and slippers, midweight accessories, easy-care blankets, and gorgeous sweaters.