Comforting Crochet for the Holidays

This year, I haven’t been as excited about the holidays as I have in the past – I’m usually the one making all the cookies and sending all the cards but I haven’t been as motivated this time around.  Part of it has been the fact I seem to be busier with other projects than I have been in previous years and part of it has been the sad stories on the news recently (I don’t think I need to remind you of those). But mainly I think it’s because this will be the first Christmas without my grandmother, who passed away last summer.  I was very close to my grandma and she was the first person who tried to teach me knitting and crochet when I was very young (even if it didn’t catch on until much later) and over the last few years, it was wonderful to have this connection with her. We would tell each other all about the projects we were working on when I came to visit and I would always try to bring her some yarn from my stash for her to try out, since most of her yarn came from big craft shops. 

Every year, she would crochet a new afghan for her children and grandchildren and they are dear treasures to all of us. This year, as my way of keeping the tradition going, I decided to crochet an afghan for my mom.


A Collection of Small Things

I’ve been busy starting and finishing projects left and right.
Honestly, I’ve been saying that I’m knitting presents for all those
people on my holiday list but really I’m just avoiding the massive
unfinished Hue Shift Afghan
that I’ve got stashed in my closet waiting for that “after the
holidays” time. I love the colors but it sure isn’t an immediate
gratification project like the ones I’ve been gravitating towards

By the time I’m done traveling and have actually
remembered to write “2013″ on everything instead of “2012″, I think I’ll
be in the mood to make some serious headway into that lovely blanket.
In the meantime, this is what’s been keeping me busy:


Podcast Episode 201: Crafting for the Holidays

This week, Jenny and Stacey chat about what is on every knitter and crocheter’s mind this time of the year – holiday crafting! Both Jenny and Stacey share a list of their favorite knit and crochet designs for the holiday season. Find out what makes or breaks a project when it comes to crafting for the holidays and what go-to books (and eBooks) knitters and crocheters should be sure to check out this holiday season. We really love the holiday crafting season and had so much fun sharing our favorite projects and patterns. So consider yourself warned: in our holiday crafting excitement, there might be excessive uses of the words cute, pretty and adorable in addition to lots of “squeee”! And as very not-so-subtle hints for our family and friends, we also talk about what tops our very own wish lists.

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Holla Knits – Accessories

This time of year, I always start stressing out over gifts I want to make for the holidays – I, like many knitters I know, love to make handmade gifts for loved ones. But around the end of October, I discover my time management skills are pretty poor and there’s no way I can make elaborate cabled sweaters for everyone on my list so I start looking for smaller items to knit. Well, thank goodness for the new Holla Knits Accessories eBook – 6 little patterns that I’m sure will work for several people on my list!


Wedding Gifts

These are the big secret I’ve been keeping the last couple of months. Bob’s youngest son, Jon, married Mara on August 18th in Stowe, Vermont. They will be living in Connecticut and have a particular affinity for owls. When I think of Vermont, Connecticut or the rest of the northeast, I think of cold winters and simple living. A perfect lifestyle for hot water bottles! When I found the Hoot Water Bottle Cozy pattern by Robyn Wade, it seemed like fate! I used Wool of the Andes Tweed in Marine and North Pole. I used little bits of Palette for the owl outlines and the branches. Notice how I have the owls’ eyes open for the night (Marine) and closed for the day (North Pole).


Baby Tubies Socks

We’ve had a lot of recent new additions to our office – babies! So several of us have been scrambling as to what to knit up for these little darlings and but IDP Designer Nona Davenport has released a free pattern that is the perfect solution.

(It doesn’t hurt that she has an adorable model!)

Baby Tubie Socks! These are cute little socks, modeled on the classic knee high tube socks. Perfect for babies of either sex!