Noni Flowers – and a contest!

update 6/04 – Contest is over! We’ll announce winners later today!


I’m always on the lookout for new and interesting knitting projects, so it was no surprise that when Noni Flowers came across my desk, I couldn’t stop flipping through the pages! Filled with page after page of stunning photography of life-like knitted flowers, I was instantly mesmerized by the attention to detail that every flower was given. Designer Norah Bellows brings an amazing collection of knitted flowers to life, all while giving you guidance through techniques specific to creating these little beauties. Norah starts off by breaking down the anatomy of a knitted flower and then guides you through special techniques – such as how to create the stamen and how to add wire to your flowers.


Introducing Holla Knits – and a contest!

Contest is over!  We’ll announce winners later today!


All of us here at the Knit Picks office have been a fan of Allyson Dykhuizen and her blog Sweatshop of Love for quite a while now.  So when she told us of her new project, we were excited to be a part of it.

Holla Knits is a fun new site, dedicated to bringing bold & challenging designs that are sure to tempt you into knitting (and wearing!) right away.  The first collection for Spring/Summer was recently released and includes designs from Allyson, Katie Canavan, Emma Welford, and Lily Ubbelohde - all fantastic up & coming designers.


Congratulations to our winners!

Thank you for all of your entries in our Custom Crochet Contest!  

I randomly chose our three winners:

Winner #1


Ginny’s comment: “That looks like a great book! I’ve been crocheting for years but I’ve never made a sweater.”

Winner #2


Sarah’s comment: “I’ve tried making a crochet sweater, once. It didn’t go so well. Maybe this is the book I need to encourage me to foray into the depths of sweater making again.:

Winner #3


Lisa’s comment: “Beautiful sweaters! I’ve never made a crocheted garment, but these sweaters are original and creative enough for me to give it a try.”

Congratulations!  I hope we’ll be seeing some beautiful crochet sweaters from this book!



Knits for Nerds Winners!

Wow, thanks for all of your great entries in the Knits For Nerds Contest - I had a lot of fun reading all of your nerdy loves!  Alas, I only have 2 copies of the book so I loaded up the Random Number Generator & came up with our winners

Winner #1 – Meli Santiago!

Her comment: 

Nerdy-ness is a trait passed down in my family. My dad was a Trekkie and a Star Wars fan. Passed that down to me, who adopted Firefly, Doctor who, and Torchwood on top of that. Now I’ve got my phone that is completely Doctor Who-ified. It plays the Theme song when someone is calling, the TARDIS sound when I get a text message, and the background screen is of the tenth and eleventh doctor. (10 is my favorite) Squee!

Winner #2 – Jenifer!

Her commnet:

Um. My last name is Spock. Pretty sure I win on that alone ;) I am a Firefly and Doctor Who freak. Husband, kids are all Star Wars nuts, I love the original and Next Gen Star Trek series, and I can quite pretty much quote any Harry Potter book, and am a firm believer that Cedric Diggory would have beaten the minions of Team Edward into the ground.
In addition, I also make and donate Jayne hats to the PDX Browncoats for their annual Can’t Stop the Serenity screening to benefit various charities. Also, did I mention that the “Status is NOT quo?” and Dr. Horrible is one of the best creations of Joss Whedon… I could go on with my love of DC Comics, but I’ll stop.., ;)

Thanks again everyone – this was a really fun contest!  Stay tuned for more contests here on the blog!



Warmth for Winter Blues Contest!

Thanks everyone – contest is over! We’ll draw a winner on 2/13!


Here at Knit Picks, we’re on a mission to change the perception of the Winter Blues.  The color blue makes all of us so happy – gazing up the blue sky, watching the ocean waves, seeing a blue jay flying by – so why should “blue” mean sad?


Congratulations to our winners!

Thanks to everyone who entered our crochet contest! We had nearly 600 entries!  Unfortunately I only have 3 copies of The Best of Interweave Crochet so I randomly choose 3 winners (with the help of random.org).

Cori of Ft Worth TX

Emily of Coon Rapids MN

Anne of Albuquerque, NM

I’ve contacted them all & will be sending out their books on Monday

And stay tuned – we have more blog contests up our sleeves!