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New Beginner Bulky Knits Collection

As someone who works full time and frantically tries to manage the daily routines of her entire household, I often find myself with less time to be creative than I would like. As such, I find that I often gravitate more towards quicker knits, and quicker usually means bulkier. The beauty of the Beginner Bulky Knits collection is that it’s perfect for those of us who lean more to the novice end of the knitting spectrum and for those of us who love a cozy, chunky stitch. I happen to fall somewhere in the middle of this hypothetical Venn diagram, so naturally, I am eager to give some of these patterns a turn on my needles.

Beginner Bulky Knits Collection - knitpicks.com

First up on my list, Roscoe’s Toque. This simple textured knit hat will serve as the perfect adornment to my pre-k aged daughter’s head when out exploring our backyard. I mean c’mon, who doesn’t love an oversized pom pom?

Beginner Bulky Knits Collection - Roscoe's Toques - knitpicks.com

Next up (and for moi), the Turnpike Cowl. What I love about this project is the generous shape and textural contrast,  making it perfect for sinking your head down into on those days when adulting is just a little too much.

Turnpike Cowl - knitpicks.com


The Yarns of Beginner Bulky Knits

Tuff Puff: a beginner’s bulky bff

Tuff Puff Yarn - knitpicks.com

Wool of the Andes Superwash Bulky: machine-washable bulky wool

Wool of the Andes Superwash Bulky Yarn - knitpicks.com

Biggo: bulky, comfy and cat-approved

Biggo Yarn - knitpicks.com

Mighty Stitch Super Bulky: a superwash superhero

Mighty Stitch Super Bulky Yarn - knitpicks.com


Whichever of the 11 projects from the Beginner Bulky Knits collection you may choose to cast on, rest assured that instant gratification is only a weekend away!

Last Day for Monthly Yarn Sale – Capra & Capretta

As the month comes to a close so does our monthly yarn sale on Capra and Capretta.  You still have one more day to add these warm delicious yarns to your stash at 20% off.  And with winter rolling over the Northern hemisphere what better way to spend the dark cool days than working up a cozy project in a blends of merino and cashmere. Here are some more ideas to consider if you have already stocked up.

Great for Holiday Gifts

The Fern Grotto Cowl

For a super special gift that doesn’t break the bank. Using only two balls of Capra in any one color you can make a rainbow of cowls to choose from.

Fern Grotto

The Grace Beanie

Another perfect gift that is lovely and works up quickly. Also using only two balls of Capra you show your friends and family you care by keeping their noggins warm!

Grace Beanie

The Isabel Cowl

For our lace knitters this project would make a great gift as it is deceptively simple-but absolutely stunning. Also a great project to try for those learning to read charts. This is an extra special project in Capretta.

Isabel Cowl

Special Projects

The Drifte

This exquisite shawl is a perfect project to work up cuddled up on the couch. Using only 4 balls of Capretta it’s a steal at 20% off.


The Leaf Out Shawl

Why not start that shawl for spring with this lovely lace project?  Featured in a the stunning hunter green it would look lovely in any color you choose from the Capretta family.

Leaf Out Shawl

The Miriam Carole Poncho

If you have been holding off on making this poncho because it takes 10 balls of Capra now is the time to go for it. It’s an elegant statement piece that you will want to show off.

Miriam Carole Poncho


Now go get that yarn!


Our New Yarns – November 2017

November for Knit Picks means launching a few new yarn lines to compliment our Big Sale and ever growing collection, plus the return of our favorite self stripping yarn: Felici with six new colors in both fingering and worsted weights.


New Yarns

Simply Wool Worsted and Simply Wool Bulky

Simply Wool is an Eco Wool which means that the great care is not only given to the animals but the wool processing as well: it is not dyed or bleached.

The sheep are very well looked after by their shepherds; each sheep is given a name, which is way we named our colors the way we did; to reflect the close relationship the shepherds have with their sheep. They are treated with affection and it is not unusual in the mountain region to see little girls in particular treating the young lambs as pets.

Shearing is carried out as a craft, great care being taken not to harm the animal.  The bulkiness and creamy white color of the wool are due to three main factors: that, over a period of almost five centuries, the shepherds have found out which types of fodder result in a high-quality wool; that they have allowed some novel crossbreeding to take place giving rise to a new bread yielding wool with unique textile characteristics – Andean Highland Wool; and the natural environment, very dependent on the different altitudes (3500 m / 11500 ft)  and seasonal periods which occur only in the Andes.

Each weight comes in 8 deliciously soft colors. The Worsted comes is 4ply, 218 yd 100gm hank while the Bulky is a 3 ply, 193yd 100gm hank.

Simply Alpaca

Simply Alpaca is a Superfine Alpaca and the alpaca are treated with the same care and tenderness as the sheep. Again the color palette is all natural and the colors are not bleached or dyed. The particular blend is 4-ply, Aran Weight,  246yds per 100gm hank, and is extremely soft – hardly any of that alpaca itch.

Chroma Lace

Chroma lace

The Chroma Family just didn’t feel complete so we added a lace weight. It’s the same color-transitioning 70% Superwash Wool and 30% Nylon blend yarn boasting 874 yds per 100gm ball. Pair the brightest colors with your boldest projects, or choose a subdued shade for gentle waves of changing color. The colors move gently through a single ply, creating subtly blended and shaded sections. PLUS we added two new colors: Monsoon & Stormfront.




Felici Is Back – Behind the Scenes


Felici has taken on a life of its own because of its enthusiastic fan base. The limited colorways and amazing softness of the Superwash Merino wool/nylon blend make this sock yarn hard to resist and add to its mythical status. The colorways are top secret until they are released, but we thought we would give you an insider look to how Felici gets made.

PS It’s back in stock so get your value pack now!

Development for Felici takes some time. First our graphic designer aka color genie, Heidi, puts together dozens of colorways for us to choose from based on current palette trends in fashion, design, and general life inspiration. We then vote by committee. These can be heated debates as we each all bring our own color eye to the table. Then it’s off to our mill in Italy, where they run the color tests and send us back samples. This could take a few tries as seeing the actual colors on the fiber verses print outs on paper can vary wildly.

Felici color picksfelici

The best part is when we have our final approved picks and we get to name them. That is always a good time as the color inspirations bring up topics like nature, pop culture, and of course, literary references. Even a secret reference or two:  Beyond the Wall or Baker Street anyone?


The hardest part is waiting for it to be produced and make its journey across the Atlantic to our warehouse. If you think you’re anxious about its arrival, you should see our nails!

Spring Blossoms 27431From its initial color conception to the final result there are some shifts and happy accidents as is the nature of fibers and dyes in the handmade world. And that is what we love about yarn!

Pattern Roundup – Current Favorites

As the rain goes so does my pattern queue. It’s been a long wet season in the Pacific Northwest and I have added many projects to my list, especially as my skills grow.  A “problem” many of us can relate to, I’m sure, no matter what the weather.

Easy Stripes Blanket

There are the ones that you just have to make because: so cute! Like the Easy Stripes Blanket. The pattern is simple and with just two colors the possibilities are endless. Perfect for every room in the house. I’m already planning to make it in  Custard Brava Worsted and Dove Heather Brava Worsted, and another in Crest Preciosa and Blue Skies Preciosa. Bonus is the pattern is free and it only takes 6 100gm balls of worsted, making this a very budget friendly gift project.

Brava worsted

The Moxie Shawl caught my eye because it immediately made me smell flowers. I daydreamed of strolling in a park full of fresh spring blooms or the on boardwalk at dusk. Plus it will be a great way to test my crochet skills.

In a richer gem stone color it would make a perfect addition for an evening out. Biggest problem would be trying to narrow it down to one color of Luminance. Just look at the riches.

And because I can’t fight my love of whimsy, the Cowl’s Meow made it on to my list too. I love the colorways in Chroma and this looks like a fun project to step out of my comfort zone. Plus CATS!

Cowls Meow Pattern


What’s in your pattern queue?

Spring Break- 2017 Crafty Resolutions Check In



Wondering how the Knit Picks staff is faring with their New Year’s Resolutions now that a quarter of the year has passed? I was too, since, statistically speaking those with remaining New Years Resolutions, like myself, have less than a 50% percent chance of completing them. ACK! But I’m a glass-half-full type, so I’m confident there is still time. Let’s see how the others have progressed since our last check in.

The Successes

Alison, Director of Knit Picks

Alison Finished the Brooklyn Tweed Corvid sweater she started last March using Wool of the Andes Tweed!

Emily, Graphic Designer

Since Emily wanted to finish more projects before starting others, she’s been trying to resist starteritis (which is so hard in spring, for some reason!) and she’s been sticking with her resolution. She finished two sweater WIPs that were kicking around from last year, and is working on a cowl WIP.  She did start a new cardigan project, and  de-stashed a bunch of yarn that she realized she would never knit. Unfortunately, being surrounded by incredible new yarns all the time means she has a lot of ideas for new projects inspired by that yarn, but until she can figure out that time machine, she has a limited amount of time to make them. Emily is still working on finding that balance!


Daniel, Administrative Assistant

Daniel is soooo close to finishing his sweater “just needs blocking and buttons.” However, this friendly feline thinks it’s perfectly finished.

Cat on Sweater

Stacey, Outreach Director

Stacey worked on her Napali Cardigan for a while…but then got distracted. She had a couple of skeins of Hawthorne Sport in Rose City in her stash and decided what she really wanted to do was make another Ms Marigold to wear this spring and summer! So that’s what she’s been working on – in her words, “Still a sweater like my resolution, just a different one.”

…The Year isn’t over yet!

Hannah, Catalog Director

As much as she’d love to say that she’s now a brioche Queen, she hasn’t made any progress since January. Instead, she whipped up a sweater and three pairs of socks, she definitely hasn’t been idle! However, now that it’s already April (how did THAT happen?!) She is ready to buckle down and actually make a few forays into brioche. With that in mind, this brioche DVD might be just the ticket!  Especially if you are visual learner, like Hannah, and being able to see each step in the process will be so helpful.


Jennifer, Marketing Director

Finally picked her patterns! Deciding she wants to make the Tuff Granny Throw  and Rainbow Crochet Blankie, both designed by our very own Stacey. Now that is some crafty love.


Heidi, Art Director

Even the best of intentions go awry at times! While I wouldn’t consider it a defeat Heidi’s New Year’s crafty resolutions took a turn as her fingers have a mind of their own and were just insisting on working on color gradient shawls instead. She knit a Find Your Fade  Shawl , like most of the knitting community, and just finished the lovely mystery knit-a-long Snowmelt Shawl by Helen Stewart. Her next project will most likely be another color fade shawl, knit in our lovely Hawthorne yarn. We’ll give her a pass on the sweater making this time.


Alexis, Merchandise Planner

Like Hannah, April came too quickly. I did make some progress with the quick can foods making pickled red onions, but haven’t made any progress on the blanket or my crochet skills.  But I did finish up a scarf in Tuff Puff. Does that count?

Rosewood Needles Gift Set – On Sale Now!

Have you been drooling over our Rosewood Needles? Now is the time to pick them up at a low price – and get a special edition of our needle case too!

Knit Picks Rosewood Knitting Needles Set

These gorgeous needles are such a joy to knit with- you couldn’t pry mine away over my dead body.  Lightweight, strong, and smooth as silk, you’ll love using these needles on all types of yarn. Since I got my set two years ago, I’ve rarely used another type of needle! You’ll receive the entire set of our interchangeable Rosewood needles (US size 4-11), plus two each of 24″ and 32″ black cables, eight end caps and two cable keys.

Plus the best thing about this set is the fabulous needle case you get with it.

Knit Picks Knit Picks Rosewood Knitting Needles Set Special Case

Featuring an embossed cover design by our very own staff, this particular case is only available with the set. This stylish case will keep your needles nice and safe when you are on the go – and if you have an additional interchangeable set, it’ll fit in there too! With holiday traveling coming up, you’ll certainly want to make sure you have your best needles with you at all times.

Get the complete set for a special low price of $59.99! And be sure to check out all the other fabulous items in our Big Sale – don’t forget, it ends on November 21 at 11:59pm PST!


All About the Blankets – Intarsia Style

Hello Stash Readers!

Hold onto to your hats, not only for the impending fall winds, but because I am making an intarsia baby blanket. You may remember me from my intro podcast or the post about my knitting the Learn to Knit Kit Scarf, if not I will give you a brief introduction. I am the merchandise planner for Knit Picks and new to completed project knitting. I’m great at starting things, but I was always merely dabbling. It wasn’t until I started working here that the bug truly took hold, maybe a little slower than others, but I’ve caught it and have gone a touch off the rails.

Once I mastered the knit stitch, completing my garter stitch scarf, I started another scarf in Tuff Puff practicing stockinette, and that is coming along swimmingly.

tuff puff stockiette scarf

WIP Tuff Puff Stockiette Scarf

Then the siren song of a new baby in my circle called out… baby blanket, baby blanket.

It’s just a bigger scarf, right?

I dropped the scarf and jumped into the rabbit hole that we all love, Ravelry, in search for a lovely chevron blanket pattern. However, yarn-overs and mitered decreases are two skills for which I need much more practice. I landed on a Kyle Smith pattern that fit with my skill level. My heart was set on three colors of Mighty Stitch Bulky that I had chosen for my original idea. Than it hit me: intarsia.  Its just blocks of color that shouldn’t be so hard. When I bake cookies I mix and match the spices it so why not do it with yarn colors?  My plan was to follow the pattern, but with the garter stitch sections done in one color and  the stockinette sections block those out with other colors. Genius!

That’s what is so great about crafting you can modify any project to your taste.

That is where you find me now, I am a walking cat toy of loose ends and yarn bobbins and I am loving it. Yes, the task took on a life of its own I spent a few hours learning the Russian join, and reviewing a number of videos on intarsia techniques, it’s all in the loop people, all in the loop. And yes, even after all of of that that it still seemed easier than yos and dms.


Intarsia Knitting

WIP Intarsia Baby Blanket

What I have discovered with this project is how far I have come, no longer is a dropped stitch the end of the world. I can back track and correct a lot easier. I’m more comfortable overall, gone is my death grip and tight knit. Now, this isn’t a project for someone that is impatient or doesn’t like messes, every other row I’m untangling my bobbins and adding more. I haven’t figured that part out and will take any tips you readers have to offer.

Thank you for letting me share my new project and excitement. I’d love to hear about your experiences with intarsia too.

-xo Alexis

WIP Intarsia Knitting Baby Blanket

WIP Intarsia Knitting Baby Blanket


Twelve Weeks of Gifting: Woodland Winter Mittens

Welcome to the sixth week in our Twelve Weeks of Gifting series of free patterns! This week we’re featuring the beloved Woodland Winter Mittens pattern. Knit your way through the seasons with nature scenes that span both mittens in each pair. Falling leaves, grazing elk, Northern lights, snowflakes, snow birds, and a sprouting seed to signify the beginning of spring will keep your needles busy!

This pattern has a whopping 44 pages and includes three colorways – Original, Bright and our newest: Stormy (shown above), all for free, for one week only! Hurry over to the Woodland Winter Mittens to see the other colorways and download your very own copy before we’re on to our next installment, next Wednesday.

Bicolor Tweed: Free Knit Dishcloth Pattern

Marjorie Dussaud has created this week’s handsome free dishcloth pattern: the Bicolor Tweed Dishcloth. I’m smitten with this combination of stripes and textured slip stitches, perfect for rugged session of dish-duty! Dussaud notes that this pattern is great for beginners because it’s an easy stitch repeat for a big effect. I have this particular pattern ear-marked as a quick stash busting project, ideal for featuring striped sections of yarn from previous projects!