Radiance: Knit Accessories

As the weather starts to change from winter to spring, thoughts turn from bulky scarves and hats to lighter weight knits. Layering pieces are the perfect compliment to warmer weather outfits; with that in mind, our new collection Radiance will have you reaching for your needles.

I love this collection – it’s a bit of a follow up to last year’s Everyday Wraps, which I personally have knit several projects from. These 12 patterns are all fabulous, featuring fun projects that you’ll want to immediately wrap around your neck. My favorite project is easily the cover project – Claire Slade’s Blurred Waves.

Blurred Waves by Claire Slade from knitpicks.com, a beautiful shawl with colorful stripes

Using a combination of a solid yarn (here using our Stroll Bare) and our Stroll Gradient, this shawl is knit on the bias, alternating waves of Garter Stitch with simple lace. It’s a stunning piece and is large enough to wrap around you when your sunny day turns downright chilly at night.

Another project that was a hit when it showed up in the office is the Colorful Garter Cowl by Aud Bergo.

Colorful Garter Cowl by Aud Bergo from Knit Picks. Waves of color in the fabulous Paragon yarn.

As the name implies, Garter Stitch is highlighted here, with waves of color in various combinations. But what really makes this project stand out is the gorgeous I-Cord edging, which gives it a finished, polished look. And since it’s knit in Paragon, it’s sinfully soft and begging to be worn on that night on the town.

If you, like me, have not had much practice with intarsia but love the look of it, the pretty Frenemy shawlette by Sarah Jordan is for you.

Frememy by  Sarah Jordan from Knit Picks, a pretty shawl featuring stripes of color.

Using my beloved Hawthorne in 2 colors (in this case, Wisp Kettle Dye and Irvington Multi), Frenemy uses a combination of short rows and intarsia to create those wonderful bands of color. It is also in Garter Stitch (hey, what can I say, I love the look of Garter!) and also has an I-Cord bind off.

There are many more patterns included in this collection. And best of all, the book is on sale for $17.99, which is such a deal for these projects. If you prefer eBooks, you can get Radiance for only $14.99 or just a single pattern for $4.99. This will keep your needles busy for the spring (and summer!).