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Podcast Episode 204: Interview with Amy Clarke Moore

This week, Kelley gets a chance to talk with Amy Clarke Moore, editor of
Spin-Off and Jane Austen Knits magazines from Interweave. Amy shares
her story of how Jane Austen Knits started and talks about her
collaberation with members of the Jane Austen Society who provide the
depth and details in the wonderful articles throughout the magazine. If
you are a fan of Jane Austen, you’ll love this behind the scenes look at
this wonderful publication.

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Comforting Crochet for the Holidays

This year, I haven’t been as excited about the holidays as I have in the past – I’m usually the one making all the cookies and sending all the cards but I haven’t been as motivated this time around.  Part of it has been the fact I seem to be busier with other projects than I have been in previous years and part of it has been the sad stories on the news recently (I don’t think I need to remind you of those). But mainly I think it’s because this will be the first Christmas without my grandmother, who passed away last summer.  I was very close to my grandma and she was the first person who tried to teach me knitting and crochet when I was very young (even if it didn’t catch on until much later) and over the last few years, it was wonderful to have this connection with her. We would tell each other all about the projects we were working on when I came to visit and I would always try to bring her some yarn from my stash for her to try out, since most of her yarn came from big craft shops. 

Every year, she would crochet a new afghan for her children and grandchildren and they are dear treasures to all of us. This year, as my way of keeping the tradition going, I decided to crochet an afghan for my mom.

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A Collection of Small Things

I’ve been busy starting and finishing projects left and right.
Honestly, I’ve been saying that I’m knitting presents for all those
people on my holiday list but really I’m just avoiding the massive
unfinished Hue Shift Afghan
that I’ve got stashed in my closet waiting for that “after the
holidays” time. I love the colors but it sure isn’t an immediate
gratification project like the ones I’ve been gravitating towards

By the time I’m done traveling and have actually
remembered to write “2013” on everything instead of “2012”, I think I’ll
be in the mood to make some serious headway into that lovely blanket.
In the meantime, this is what’s been keeping me busy:

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Knit Picks holiday yarn giveaway!

It’s the holiday season, and we know many of you have been busy the last couple of months knitting gifts until your fingers are numb. If you’ve blown your yarn budget on yarn to knit gifts for other people, and you’re slightly worried your friends and loved ones didn’t get the memo about buying you a Knit Picks gift certificate for your stocking, we’ve got the perfect holiday gift just for you. Free Knit Picks yarn!
Now wait. Keep …

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Personalize a Pendleton

To say that this week’s technique of the week was a treat to work on is an understatement – I am just pleased as punch at how this turned out! All of us loved the satchels that Pendleton designed for Knit Picks, so it was only natural that we adorned these chic bags with a wee bit of fiber love! Not only was this a super fun project, but it’s also a speedy (and easy!) way to add a personalized touch to your Pendleton bag – especially if the bag is a gift for a friend or family member.

In honor of our rather wet winters here in the Pacific Northwest, I needle felted a lil’ cloud with multi-color raindrops onto the grey Pendleton satchel. And if the bag is a gift, I can totally see monogramming or spelling out the recipient’s name onto the bag as a cute personalized touch.

We even have a video tutorial that shows you just how easy it is to personalize your Pendleton!

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IDP is 3 Years Old!

3 years ago this week, the first IDP patterns went up on the site! We started with around 20 patterns and a handful of designers; since then the Independent Designer Partnership Program has grown to nearly 2000 patterns and over 550 designers! Wow!

I’m so excited I get to be a part of this. Alison came up with the idea in fall 2009 and I came aboard the Knit Picks team in November. My first month was spent working round the clock to make sure everything was ready to go! Since then, this has been my main job at Knit Picks and I honestly couldn’t be happier – I’ve loved getting to know the designers and helping them bring their patterns to you. We’ve grown the IDP to include kits, ebooks, and our newest venture, IDP Designer Collections. Plus I can’t wait for you all to see what our next IDP projects is – believe me, you are going to love it!

Since we’re celebrating our anniversary, I’ve been asking my coworkers to pick their favorite IDP patterns. While it was like pulling teeth (“I like so many of them!”) they finally narrowed their choices down.

To be honest, I also had problems picking a favorite pattern, but I finally went with the one I’ve made many times – the Boo Bear Hat by Terri Kruse.

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Podcast Episode 203: Fiber Lesson

This week, Kelley talks about different fibers and blends to explore
their qualities. Learn about what makes wool so wonderful, why alpaca is
so warm, how silk gets it’s shine, and what mercerized means for
cotton. This handy guide to fiber basics is sure to help you as you plan
out your next project. Next, Kelley reviews some of her favorite
audiobooks that she has been listening to lately. Finally, Kelley
catches you up with what is on her needles.
3 easy ways to listen…
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Podcast Episode 202: Interview with Margaret Radcliffe

This week, Kelley chats with author and designer Margaret Radcliffe about her book Circular Knitting Workshop! If you’ve ever been interested by the circular knitting method, you’ll love hearing Margaret insight and expert advice on everything from swatching to converting flat patterns for the circular method. Kelley and Margaret talk through the different chapters found in
Circular Knitting Workshop and share ideas for using the various methods
for working circularly. Additionally, knitters new to circular knitting …

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The Winners of the “Win Your Wish List” Contest

An earnest thanks to all you wishful participants in the contest—over 2,000 in all! Unfortunately, there could only be three lucky winners. Courtesy of random selection, congratulations to Velda Vanbiesen, Kim Driggs and Maryalice Little—all of whom were recently contacted and will receive a $50 gift card for Knit Picks goodies.

Even without winning, I truly hope this served as a useful tool for the rest of you! Please tell me that some of you were able to say, “O, I’m just showing you this list of potential presents for a contest…no other reason…I’m not trying to give you ideas OR ANYTHING”. Wink wink, no?

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Kinkos and Circular Knitting Workshop

Whenever I come across a book that I know I will be using frequently, I take it over to Kinkos to have it spiral bound. It makes it easier to look at whatever page I need while I’m knitting. And, I think it makes the book wear well. While I was preparing for a podcast interview of Margaret Radcliffe on her book Circular Knitting Workshop, I decided to do something a little different.

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