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Pomp, Circumstance; Sweaters!

Congratulations, KP Sweater Class of 2010, you are now sweater knitters! I didn’t print up diplomas for you but you have something better than a
ceremonial sheet of paper today. Today you have great sweaters, made
with your own two hands, that actually fit (or, will once they are done!)

There’s just so much beauty on display here; read ahead for a closer look at all of these wonderful projects!

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Home Stretch!

I’ve ben dragging my heels on finishing my sweater for our online Sweater Class,
becuase…well, it’s hot and so worsted weight is not all that
attractive right now…but I think the real reason is something bigger.
I’m always a little slow at the end of a project like this, because I
feel a little scared to finish! I’ve already spent so much time working
on this piece, and I suppose I want to extend the anticipation of what
is to come for just a few more days…or weeks…or, in the case of
some of my UFOs, years!

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My first steek!

Last night I spent hours very carefully sewing up one side of my
cardigan and then sewing back down the other side to reinforce it
before I cut my steek. I stitched it twice, once with a running stitch
and then again with a backstitch. I’ve been working on my CLC off and
on for over a year, so I definitely didn’t want it to unravel. I
brought it into the office this morning to show Alison my progress.
Kelley caught a glimpse of it too and decided there was no time like
the present to go ahead and steek it!

Eek! One of the best things
about working at a knitting company is all the help I get when I’m
working on a project. Everyone piled into Alison’s office to provide
moral support. And of course, they video taped it…

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EZ 100th Anniversary Pi Shawl – Gull Wings

After starting two different lace shawls, each rectangular shaped, I’ve come to the realization that I am a Pi Shawl woman. Or, circular shawl, if you prefer. Perfectly timed as the knitting world celebrates Elizabeth Zimmermann’s 100th birthday. There are three Pi Shawls on Ravelry – I chose the Gull Wings Pattern althought the Camping design was very tempting. Here is the designer’s sample from the Ravelry page.

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Win some cashmere!

After months of planning, I can’t express how excited I am to share our new yarns with you!  This was our biggest yarn launch to date.  We completely updated the colors offered in our classic lines, like Wool of the Andes.  We filled in holes in our Palette collection to get up to 100 colors!  And we are now offering an ultra soft and luxurious cashmere and Merino blend called Capra!

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Capra Contest Winner!

Our lucky winner from our Win Some Cashmere contest is Leanne, with post #903 – congratulations!

Name: Leanne

I’d love Caviar for the main color with Harbor stripes. What a great
color combo to start the fall with and I’m sure it will be so warm. I
can’t wait to order this yarn!
Posted Aug 4, 2010 9:59 PM 
We’ll be contacting Leanne by email so we can get her mailing info.  Thanks to everyone for …

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Bling your Knit Picks Drop Spindle

Once I had one of our drop spindles for myself, I couldn’t resist giving it a bit of love. I used a fine sanding paper to make the surface smooth as glass. Then, I begged some wood stains from our decorative painting division. Actually, the entire project was done through begging. The sandpaper and Jo Sonya wood stain came from The Artist’s Club. Alison supplied the wood oil that she uses to keep the wood of her spinning wheels glowing.

Notice the difference between the niddy noddy and my drop spindle. You can find wood stains and sandpaper in a craft store or even Home Depot. You might even choose a colored stain – dark green, blue, purple – you get the idea. Wood oil is usually in the furniture polish section of most grocery stores.

We are finished with photography, video recording, etc. That means I have a green light to start my spinning project this weekend! I’m going to start this evening while we are out to dinner with friends. I can’t wait to show them our drop spindle.

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