My first steek!

Last night I spent hours very carefully sewing up one side of my cardigan and then sewing back down the other side to reinforce it before I cut my steek. I stitched it twice, once with a running stitch and then again with a backstitch. I’ve been working on my Classic Lines Cardigan off and on for over a year, so I definitely didn’t want it to unravel. I brought it into the office this morning to show Alison my progress. Kelley caught a glimpse of it too and decided there was no time like the present to go ahead and steek it!

Eek! One of the best things about working at a knitting company is all the help I get when I’m working on a project. Everyone piled into Alison’s office to provide moral support. And of course, they video taped it. I used these steeking scissors, they were super sharp and made it easier (and a little less terrifying!)

So now all I have left to do is pick up stitches and knit the button
bands. The end is in sight. I’ll be wearing my first hand knit sweater
this fall!