Bling your Knit Picks Drop Spindle

Once I had one of our drop spindles for myself, I couldn’t resist giving it a bit of love. They come unfinished, and they are smooth and ready to use, but personalizing mine was a fun project. I used a fine sanding paper to make the surface smooth as glass. Then, I begged some wood stains from our decorative painting division. Actually, the entire project was done through begging. The sandpaper and Jo Sonya wood stain came from The Artist’s Club. Alison supplied the wood oil that she uses to keep the wood of her spinning wheels glowing.

Notice the difference between the niddy noddy and my drop spindle. You can find wood stains and sandpaper in a craft store or even Home Depot. You might even choose a colored stain – dark green, blue, purple – you get the idea. Wood oil is usually in the furniture polish section of most grocery stores.

We are finished with photography, video recording, etc. That means I have a green light to start my spinning project this weekend! I’m going to start this evening while we are out to dinner with friends. I can’t wait to show them our drop spindle.