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A couple of crochet stumbles


I am absolutely thrilled with my crochet progress but I have to
admit that I had to make the center square five times! It has been
thirty years since I had to learn how to read a pattern and make new
stitches! It’s been a good mental exercise. I’ve been pleased with how
comfortable the Soft Touch crochet hook is to hold for hours.

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Design A Sweater. Lesson 4: Sleeves!

I raced through the body of my sweater in order to stay ahead of the
class, but even if you haven’t finished that sections, you can always
start on a sleeve!

Knitting sleeeves can be a welcome break from
working the torso of a sweater–they are more portable, and smaller, so
each round goes much faster and the length gows perceptibly, for a real
feeling of accomplishment! In this lesson, we’ll go over the math
behind sleeve shaping, and discuss some potential modifications that
allow you to get custom sleeves!

Click the link below for the handout:

Lesson 4: Sleeves

check out our videos, where I (somewhat tiredly–apologies! I should
maybe not shoot these lessons on Monday!) walk you through the math and
show how the formulas in the handout gave me the sleeve I want!

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You have to have faith to knit lace


Here is the absolute beginning of my Gail Shawl! What an ugly tangled looking mess! I couldn’t resist showing it to you, though because I wanted any potential lace knitters to see that everyone’s lace looks bad when it is on the needles. Particularly the first few inches because the knit fabric is so light, it can’t show its’ own structure.


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