Crocheted Shawl – one month later

I’m being rather slow on this project – too many other things going on**  but this last weekend I really dug in and got some work done on it… can’t wait to finish and see it blocked!

(note: I put a full skein of shadow next to it so you could visualize the size!)

I love this project!  (it’s from the book Crochet so Fine by Kristin Omdahl, which should be available next week) I’m about half way done…  It’s funny, I’ve never tackled a knit lace shawl, but here I am with a crocheted lace shawl!  (maybe I’ll get brave and try the knit one next!).  I also love the yarn, Knit Picks Shadow Tonal in gypsy…  the different shades of red add to the lace to give a very dimensional look…  I definitely like working from the crochet chart vs reading the pattern text…  I’m such a visual person! Once I figured out where the repeat continued after the initial chart, it’s been smooth sailing!!! 

If you haven’t yet tried crochet, give it a try…  there are some great patterns out there: some whimsical and some great classic patterns… There are so many of us getting into crochet around the KP office!  be adventurous!!! Check out the large selection of crochet books now available at Knit Picks! Join us at the Knit Picks
we’re getting a pretty good sized group involved now…

**Some of the other things I’ve been working on: I’m trying my hand at creating some IDP
patterns (one knit, one crochet right now – I’ll tell you more about them later), I’m also working on a quilt project for Connecting Threads
and this crochet project…  wow!  Hopefully somewhere in all this I can squeeze in my garden too!!! 

Happy knitting (I mean crocheting!)