You have to have faith to knit lace


Here is the absolute beginning of my Gail Shawl! What an ugly tangled looking mess! I couldn’t resist showing it to you, though because I wanted any potential lace knitters to see that everyone’s lace looks bad when it is on the needles. Particularly the first few inches because the knit fabric is so light, it can’t show its’ own structure.

You have to be patient. And, use tools! First, I love our Chart Keeper! Even if my knitting looks terrible, being able to move the magnets up my chart makes me feel as though everything is coming along nicely. And, it actually makes my project portable because I can fold up the charts and the magnets will keep everything secure.

I will also be adding Jump Rings to seperate each of the repeats. That way I can count the stitches in each repeat and catch an error right when it happens.

I like to use Zephyr needles when I am knitting lace. I think the clear acrylic makes it easier to see the yarn as I work the stitches. And, there is just the right amount of “stickiness” to keep the stitches from slipping away as I make the design decreases.

Now that we are finally having summer in the Pacific Northwest, I am spending lots of time out on our deck. That’s when I truly appreciate the light weight of a lace project. Nothing hot and heavy in my hands. And, so easy to carry around to picnics, outdoor concerts, etc.