A couple of crochet stumbles


I am absolutely thrilled with my crochet progress but I have to admit that I had to make the center square five times! It has been thirty years since I had to learn how to read a pattern and make new stitches! It’s been a good mental exercise. I’ve been pleased with how comfortable the Soft Touch crochet hook is to hold for hours.

Thanks to The Happy Hooker, and a bit of help from co-workers, I have been able to get the hang of things. Now I am just puttering along at a nice clip. I still have to think to much for crochet to be a “meeting” project. I’ll keep a pair of socks with me for that knitting opportunity.

I wanted to start with the center block because it looked like it would be the most challening. Might as well get the toughest part overwith first. And, I’m not sure how much yarn I have so I am going to work my way from the center out.

I’ve chosen to go with a southwest colorway in Swish. This is going to be a colorful, easy care blankie for me! The colors I’m using are Allspice, Gold, Marine Heather, Serrano, Squirrel Heather and Lemongrass Heather.

So far so good!