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Oh, I just love Alpaca Cloud!

I haven’t knit with Alpaca Cloud in a couple of years. I’ve become a bit bored with my lace shawl collection so I went looking for something new.

The Gail shawl in Ravelry
has many fans and it seems that some knitters have made more than one!
Apparently it is a relatively easy project, as lace knitting goes.

What I want is a very neutral shawl. Something I can drag along with me when I travel. The Smoke colorway is perfect for me.

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Busy, busy knitting days coming up!

June 12th through June 20th is World Wide Knitting in Public Week!
Yippee! It’s like a huge knitting party! You can look up your town, or
maybe one close by, to see where your local knitting friends will be
gathering. Some knitters get started right at the beginning of the week
or you may find a organized gathering on the second weekend.

you have never participated in KIP day, you are in for a real treat!
First, you will probably meet several new knitting friends. Second, you
get to share the joys of knitting with people you may be able to
convert into fiber addicts. Third, the one I think is the most
importantly, it may just be the first step in your becoming comfortable
knitting-in-public regularly!

think about it! You may just start whipping out a knitting project
during dinner out with friends, symphony concerts, lectures – sound
like someone you know?

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Now Available: Try It Needle Set

Just a quick heads-up – we now have an interchangeable needle sampler
available, the Try
It Needle Set
.  Knit Picks needles come in three materials: nickel
plated (great for speed), Harmony wood (more control over your
stitches), and Zephyr acrylic (comfortable with a bit of flex).  If you
haven’t yet tried all three materials and are looking to purchase an interchangeable
needle set
, this set is a great way to compare the tips and see
what works best for your knitting style.

The set
has size 6 Harmony wood tip, a size 7 nickel
tip, and a size 8 Zephyr acrylic tip, and two 24” cables, along with the
end caps and cable key.  The sampler also comes with a handout: Kerin also
wrote up a stitch pattern for each of the material types – lace for
Harmony wood, cables for Zephyr acrylic, and a knit/purl texture pattern
for the nickel tips – so you can put your needles through their paces.

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Dyealong Wrap Up

Thanks to everybody for following along with (and participating
) our sock blank dyealong!  We’ll be posting our finished projects
over the next several weeks, and you’ll be able to see how our sock
dye jobs translate to actual stitches.  Just a reminder, you
can still enter to win a $50 gift card by emailing a photo of your own
dyed sock blank – here are the

I’m a big fan of the Jacquard
acid dyes
, and I use them all the time at home.  Instead of dyeing sock
or Bare
, though, I usually tend to dye a lot of roving and loose fiber
for spinning my own yarn.  For one of my first attempts, I tried dyeing
the roving by handpainting it with foam brushes, wrapping it in plastic
wrap, then steaming on the stovetop.  I chose a basic rainbow color
palette (since I was just starting the whole dyeing thing) and this is
what I got:

(That’s my cat Eddie, mashing up my nice
fluffy roving.)

I spun the roving in color order, and once I had
two bobbins full I plyed them together in roughly the same order so that
the colors would blend and kind of “smash” into each other.  I knit the
yarn up into a basic linen-stitch scarf, and this is what I got:

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Experiments in Plant Dyeing




I am one of the photographers here at KnitPicks and
since I
have started working here I have been verrrry slowly learning how to
knit. When
I heard about the dye along I thought great! an excuse to not only pick
up my
needles again but I can try out a new craft, dyeing. I have only
tie-dyed so I really
had no idea what I was doing. After a couple of talks with the girls
here and reading through the very helpful book Natural Dyeing I decided
to try
my hand at some plant dyeing. My goal was to use only plants/flowers
that I
gathered from around my house but the loooong rainy May we have been
nixed that idea.

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