Why have I been absent for so long?

That is a perfectly understandable question. And, you are just going to love the answer.

You know how hard it is to control yourself when you are faced with dozens of tempting knitting patterns. That is one reason why so many of us have UFOs plus a few projects “on-the-needles” as I call it.

I have a bit of a dilemma. We receive new books here practically every day, I like to wander around in Ravelry at the end of the day, I have subscriptions to knitting and spinning magazines and, of course, we have our new Independent Designer Program (IDP).

My lifesaver, of sorts, is that I try to choose my projects to work in with whatever catalog/marketing theme we have coming up. Like my Spring Fling Wrap.


Or, my sock dying blanks.

Or, my Classic Lines Cardigan – which is finished!! Sorry, no photos because I am home sick with a cold today so I don’t have access to a photographer. And, I certainly don’t want a photo of me all stuffed up with a cold wearing my thick flannel nightgown with sheep all over it and my slippers. Did I mention that it has been raining every day for the last three weeks? Pouring! Cold! I have actually turned on our gas fireplace this morning!!

Back to my disappearance – yep, me and Agatha Christie! I am all about lists and planning. So, I was happily knitting my dyed sock blanks, my Spring Fling Wrap and my CLiC sweater. Then, I realized that I had finished my list!! Oops! Now what should I be knitting.

Of course, Alison and Angela had no trouble filling in the gaping project hole but, HERE IS THE FUNNY PART, I had no yarn!

Yarn company owner without yarn! Boggles the mind, doesn’t it? We have lots of sample of yarn sitting around the building in Vancouver but I have to order yarn from the warehouse just like you. And, since I’m a bit of a penny pincher, I have it sent ground.

I did have a pair of socks that kept me sane. The yarns arrived on Friday and I have been feverishly been casting on a variety of projects. So I should be back to my usual, knitty, chatty, self.