Busy, busy knitting days coming up!

June 12th through June 20th is World Wide Knitting in Public Week! Yippee! It’s like a huge knitting party! You can look up your town, or maybe one close by, to see where your local knitting friends will be gathering. Some knitters get started right at the beginning of the week or you may find a organized gathering on the second weekend. 

If you have never participated in KIP day, you are in for a real treat! First, you will probably meet several new knitting friends. Second, you get to share the joys of knitting with people you may be able to convert into fiber addicts. Third, the one I think is the most importantly, it may just be the first step in your becoming comfortable knitting-in-public regularly!

Just think about it! You may just start whipping out a knitting project during dinner out with friends, symphony concerts, lectures – sound like someone you know?