Now Available: Try It Needle Set

Just a quick heads-up – we now have an interchangeable needle sampler available, the Try It Needle Set.  Knit Picks needles come in three materials: nickel plated (great for speed), Harmony wood (more control over your stitches), and Zephyr acrylic (comfortable with a bit of flex).  If you haven’t yet tried all three materials and are looking to purchase an interchangeable needle set, this set is a great way to compare the tips and see what works best for your knitting style.

The set has size 6 Harmony wood tip, a size 7 nickel plated
tip, and a size 8 Zephyr acrylic tip, and two 24” cables, along with the end caps and cable key.  The sampler also comes with a handout: Kerin also wrote up a stitch pattern for each of the material types – lace for Harmony wood, cables for Zephyr acrylic, and a knit/purl texture pattern for the nickel tips – so you can put your needles through their paces.