Flowery Sachets

It’s the time of year when everything has moved indoors and the windows are staying firmly shut against those grey skies. The more time I spend puttering around the house, the more I want everything to smell lovely to help combat those winter blues. I’ve been making my own chai mix on the stovetop and that tends to do the trick downstairs, but upstairs it’s a no-man’s land of bunnies and ever damp towels. SO, I decided to make some lavender and cedar sachets to tuck into drawers and hang on doorknobs and hangers in my closet.

I found this delightful crochet Flower Coasters pattern on Yvestown and it looked like just the right amount of difficulty for my still beginner level crocheting skills. I dipped right into my Palette stash and fished out some of my favorite colors before settling down to a marathon of old movies this weekend. I was able to whip up a quite respectable little tower of flowers before I decided it was time to dip into my other stash of fabric and sew up some fabric pouches. I stuffed each little pillow with lavender harvested this summer from my mother’s yard and some cedar shavings (well, really it was a bag of animal bedding made from cedar shavings that I picked up at the pet store) and they instantly smelled delightful.

I tacked a little crochet flower on each pouch with a few quick stitches and ta-dah! The whole room smelled so lovely as I was working on them and now my desk here at work has a nice, subtle lavender smell. I can’t wait to tuck these all over the house so that the lovely lavender scent can slowly permeate everything.