Wow. Portland knitters know how to party.

We were expecting 35-40 people last night including our staff so imagine how surprised we were when 83 of you showed up! 3 more knitters and the fire marshall might have crashed the party!!

We’re so glad you could all make it!! I know the event was pretty early in the evening- the library closes at 8 and it was the only venue I could find that wasn’t already booked with wedding rehearsals or yoga classes! Thanks to all of you who came straight from work or skipped dinner to come out and meet Miriam. We hope you had as much fun as we did.

For those of you who couldn’t come, we took lots of photos and Alison and Kelley recorded some video of Miriam’s talk.

First she explained how she got so darn fast and the process of applying for the Guinness Book of World Records.

Then she fielded questions…

and gave some group and one-on-one instruction for increasing your speed. Her talk was over lickety split, as one can only expect from a speed knitter, I suppose! That did throw of my schedule a tiny bit, but nobody who came to meet Miriam really seemed to mind.

I’d also like to announce our raffle prize winners!
Leann Bleakney won the Harmony interchangeable needle set.
Kali Steeres won the nickel plated Options interchangeable needle set.
Mary Lewis and Clarisse Schoenberg took home the lace samplers.
And Sere and Blu Willis, Kaaren Beaver, and Brigid Nelson each won a Renaissance sampler.

Congratulations guys! <