Winter’s hottest knit trends that you can make!

I am what some people call a “fashion enthusiast”.  More accurately, I am a fashion fiend. In my past life (before marriage, college and job), I used to model for some really cool local designers, and even a couple of high-fashion brands.  I stopped modeling professionally when I was about 18 but those years in the industry have definitely left their mark.  Every season since then, I have made a ritual of stocking up on fashion mags and gummy bears and devoting a full day to sifting through the pages of beautiful (and quite often crazy) fashion trends that will soon be gracing the shelves of local stores.

Over the weekend, my husband and I were invited to attend a private shopping party at Nordstrom where, while being fed an unreasonable amount of champagne and hors d’oevures, we were allowed to browse some of the upcoming season’s hottest fashion trends. While I am the world’s biggest sucker for a new pair of jeans, this season’s shopping party was all about accessories for me.  As I was calmly (ha!) sorting through the shelves of beautiful items, I started to notice a trend.  Knits!

Most of the items that I fell in love with were things that most knitters/crocheters could make fairly easily! I thought that since so many of you are much more talented than I, I would share some of the things that I saw flying out the door last night in the arms of proud shoppers, like myself, in hopes that you can gain inspiration for any last minute gifts.

The number one major fashion trend this season:  All things Fair Isle. 

From leg warmers…

To sweaters…

and even hats!  Anything that is done in Fair Isle style is sure to be a bit hit this season.

The next fashion trend I observed: Infinity Scarves. I saw dozens of these beautiful scarves in all kinds of different styles. A couple of my favorite looks were:


Because these are such a big hit this year, and because my budget it getting a little tight, I went looking for some patterns on Ravelry that I could use to make these beautiful scarves for gifts.

The first one I found looks like something that I could actually make. This one is called Super Easy Infinity Scarf.  The name of it is at least promising. Ha!

Another really beautiful options is the Stockholm Scarf, also on Ravelry. So beautiful.

Finally, my personal favorite trend for the season: Cabled Knits!

Cabled knits are popular in any style this year.  Whether you are wanting to knit up a cardigan…

a hat…

fingerless mitts…

or leg warmers…

cabled items will steal the show!

We’ve got some great patterns on our site from both in-house designers and independent designers that are right on point with this season’s hottest items — check them out here: PATTERNS.

Do you have any other trends you’re seeing that you really love this season?  Any that you can’t stand?  Let me know!