When life gives you snow, make mittens!

Okay, so I only made one mitten when I was snowed in at home last week, but it’s all a part of the plan. You see, I’ve long admired all the cute colorwork mitten patterns out there, but I don’t wear mittens (or know anybody gift-worthy who does). I’m a devoted glove gal because of what I refer to as “finger claustrophobia”–fellow glove wearers probably know what I’m talking about!

Anyway, so a while back I decided that I would make mittens, but I would make one each of several different cool patterns using different combos of the same colors and frame them as an art display in my home. I think colorwork is art, don’t you?

The yarn I chose was my personal favorite, Palette, and the colors I picked for my little art project are Pimento, Golden Heather, Green Tea Heather & Calypso Heather. In this mitten Pimento was my background color, but I plan on mixing it up for subsequent mittens. The pattern is “Squirrelly Swedish Mittens” and it can be downloaded for free on Ravelry courtesy of the designer, Elli Stubenrauch.