What’s a knitter to do. . .

Friendship Quote - B
. . .when a good friend asks you to knit a baby garment for her good friend? Well, when I think about how much Rachael has made my transition to living in Mexico so easy, the answer is simply, “Of, course.”
Tree Fort Yarn - Original Photo
The challenge was finding a pattern that would work with my dwindling yarn stash. The baby is a girl which is good because I definitely don’t have any “boy” colors.
Tree Fort Jacket - Pattern Photo for Web
Yes, I know we live in Mexico but, believe it or not, it gets rather chilly down here in the winter. By December, the little girl will be six months old. Since I only have wool and wool blends, I decided to go ahead with a jacket but to knit it for a six month old.
Tree Fort Jacket - Pattern Photo from back for Web
What I like about the Treefort Jacket by Megan Grewal is the layering potential. The short sleeves make it almost a vest over a long sleeved top. And, I love the hood!! The body is knit seamlessly and flat from the neck down. The sleeves are worked in the round. The hood is worked from the neck up, with increases worked along the center back and then grafted at the top.
The original pattern is done as a striped, stash buster but I’m going to stick to just the Wool of the Andes Mineral Heather because I don’t have any worsted weight scrap yarns. I also think it will make the jacket more versatile – dressed up or down. The little girl needs to learn that skill as early in life as possible.


  1. Diane S. / May 18, 2013

    Kelley, do you still live in Portland during Spring and Summer?

  2. Peggy Stuart / May 17, 2013

    This would be great for the grandsons!

  3. Monica Morales / May 17, 2013

    Awesome! the treefort jacket is very colorful which make the jacket to look more beautifil. I love knitting it is wonderful when you create things by your self with your own ideas or with somebody else sharing ideas

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